What Does Signing With WWE Mean For Uhaa Nation? – The Briefcase Speaks

By Chirag Upadhyay

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Welcome Uhaa Nation to the WWE. Previously of Dragongate, and able to deliver sit down power bombs with incredible ease and hit shooting star presses, Sesugh Uhaa, is the kind of guy who could main event a future Wrestlemania

But will he get the right gimmick? Will he get the right name? Before Stone Cold there was Stunning Steve Austin. Before Triple H there was Terror Rizing. And then there is the gimmick to think about. Brock Lesnar may feel like a prize fighter right now but there was a time when he was dancing with a mariachi band.

At NXT it is likely Uhaa will be able to keep the heart of his character intact. But then he’ll get promoted and someone will want to put a mask on him because to succeed in this WWE you need a poorly devised gimmick.

The problem is Uhaa Nation is black and WWE has a shocking history when it comes to developing characters that aren’t stereotypes. For every Nation of Domination there has been dozens of New Days.

It will be interesting to see where WWE takes this talent…And he definitely is that.

The Briefcase guesses they’ll give him a spear. Make him a bodyguard for a Heel on the main roster. Probably never allow him to speak. The usual tried and tested stuff. Hopefully not.

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