The Briefcase Speaks: WWE go on vacation after a crazy WrestleMania week

By Chirag Upadhyay

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Well at least we had a great Wrestlemania…

Because it seems the writing staff are in hungover mode. Nothing literally happened this week. Even the Authority were off on holiday. Leaked snaps show Triple H’s 42-inch pythons wrapped tightly around a naked Stephanie, who pulls on the reigns of a mighty black stallion.

Sting too was on holiday but he wasn’t such a happy guest after staying in a hotel where the ceiling had fallen through, the water wasn’t running and the lights were out. To his credit he remained there for the duration of his five days braving the conditions and non existent customer service. What a great guy/loser. You decide..

Also on holiday was former WWE Heavyweight title holder, Brock Lesnar. From the signing on fee in his new contract he was able to purchase Bermuda. Plans appear in place to rename Hamilton (the capital) Suplex City.

Unfortunately those who weren’t on holiday were on our TV screens. So we were given the delight of matches featuring Director of Operations, Kane and another Big Show snooze fest. And of course with the writers also in a departures mood another 6 man multiple tag team match courtesy of the ghost of Teddy Long who still haunts every episode of RAW and Smackdown.

AJ Lee was also on holiday. Permanently. Expect a divorce settlement in a year.

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