Monday Night Highlight – WWE RAW 14/10/2014: Tonight Hell Starts For Both Of You

Dean Ambrose
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The music drops and WWE raw starts perfectly much to the crowds delight with Dean Ambrose strutting his way to middle of the ring, his expression looking like he’s ready to unleash a world of fury onto the Authority, Seth Rollins and quite possibly John Cena.


Atlanta was not let down, Ambrose carefully and expertly trash talked the lot with his confidence high and his obsession to get his hands on Rollins at Hell in a Cell even more so. But before the Lunatic Fringe could really get going, John Cena managed to spoil a beautiful moment and made his way down to the ring to confront Dean Ambrose.

The pair exchanged some harsh words in relation to their match at the next PPV, but before anything more could happen Triple H and Stephanie McMahon comically antagonised the pair before putting them in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match against the USOS and the Dust Brothers.

The match itself was full of charisma from all three corners and to our surprise, Cena and Ambrose managed to form quite a tag team. Before the match could end the crowd were treated to some high flying moments, including Cena taking out his opponents from the top rope to the outside of the ring. Cena and Ambrose managed to hit Gold and Stardust with their finishers simultaneously to pick up the first win of the night and more importantly make the COO lose his bet with Stephanie. These two may have the same agenda for getting their hands on Rollins but when in the ring together they are looking just as strong.

Much to our surprise Triple H and Steph made their second appearance of the night. The Game accepted he was wrong and paid his wife $1 for losing the bet. Then things turned serious, as Triple HHH announced that their HIAC contract on a pole match was now officially the Main Event of tonight’s Monday Night Raw.

Following an exciting start to Raw, Aj Lee made her way to the ring for her tag team match against the recently devastating Paige and Alicia Fox. The Diva’s champs teamed up with Layla managed to prove why is really is the champ, picking up a win by hitting Alicia Fox with an impressive Shining Wizard after Layla walked out on her. Aj took no time in chasing down Layla and throwing her into the barricade a few times to teach her a lesson about respect. As good a match as this was, really we want to see the heat between Aj and Paige one on one!

Atlanta have been given quite a treat, given that the past few weeks of Raw have received some mixed reactions, as we saw Dolph Ziggler take on Randy Orton. This match was one of our favourites of the night with both superstars putting in the work to really show off their skills. With The Viper Rand Orton just been given the opportunity to face to loser of Cena vs. Ambrose at HIAC, he had a point to prove today and a message to send. However, Cesaro was also at ringside on commentary being as cocky as ever, forced the IC Champion to also bring his A game and fight for the win. Ultimately Orton delivered an RKO out of nowhere (much to the popularity of Social Media right now) and pinned Ziggler for the 3 count.

It was Seth Rollins turn next to show why he held the money in the bank briefcase as he took on Jack Swagger. For a match that seemed pretty unnecessary, the superstars delivered and kept the crowd alive. The highlight being when Randy Orton came out to ringside, seeing Seth win via a roll-up, delivering an RKO to Swagger and then getting in Seth Rollins’ face. Could this be the first crack within the ranks of the Authority? Only time will tell.

The next part of the show was a treat for the patriotic Americans who are starting to get sick and tired of Rusev running riot on the WWE Roster. The Big Show made a return after knocking out Rusev once, as the pair went head to head. Show dominated most of the match, making it an easy crowd pleaser. However, it was the Russians turn to get the upper hand this time as he managed to lock the accolade onto Big Show. Mark Henry, another man suffering the wrath of Rusev came down to break up the submission hold giving Rusev the win via DQ. Whilst celebrating, Show and Henry managed to compose themselves and corner in on Rusev and for the second time now, Rusev’s face met Big Shows right fist.

Having been a fantastic show so far the next few segments of RAW were a typical waste of time. However, a special mention needs to go out to Damien Mizdown for his dedication and execution of his newly appreciated gimmick. Sandow has the ability to carry a whole match without even performing a single wrestling move on another superstar. Now that’s what you call talent.

It was crunch time, the Main Event that we had all been anticipating. A gift given two us two weeks early, but before the bell struck, Rollins’ music hits and he comes out to watch the match to determine who he will face at HIAC. Orton and Kane unsurprinsgly joins him and Triple HHH and Stephanie McMahon sit ringside.

The match exploded with passion and flare as both men’s eyes fixated on the contract. They wasted little time as they both ran for the pole to try and end this early, but neither of them were successful. The pair exchanged blows as the real fight started, just as Triple HHH wanted.

Being a No Holds Barred match, Ambrose managed to counter Cena’s running bulldog and threw him outside of the ring where the pair made their way brawling to the top of the ramp. Cena tries for an AA, but Ambrose counters and hits a suplex on the steel grating.

As you can imagine, the pair are tearing each other apart, limb from limb. The crowd backing Ambrose with every punch. It was only a matter of time however before the authority got involved. Cena managed to push Ambrose into the Authority as he was mouthing off to them which caused the three heels standing by to get involved with the match.

As Cena gets in the ring, Orton attacks him from behind and just as Ambrose comes in it turns into a 3-on-2 situation with The Authority attacking the outnumbered. The pair manage to fight back and clear the ring, with Cena possibly taking it a step too far by delivering an AA to Kane, which managed to cause a big enough distraction allowing Ambrose to climb the pole and grab the sacred contract.

HIAC is set! Ambrose finally gets his hands on Rollins, with nowhere to escape. Will the feud end here or will the Authority find a way to screw over Dean Ambrose yet again. Another thing’s for certain is that we get to see Orton vs. Cena for the 1,493 time. With two weeks still to go, there is time for some rivalries to become epically heated, and with the Wyatts cutting some seriously mysterious and frightening promos, is there a chance we’ll see them make an appearance at a PPV that is made for them? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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