Monday Night Highlight – WWE Raw 08/09/2014

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Episode 1 in 21 and 1……. (Season 22)

The season premier kicked off raw in style and promised so much yet left a weird and familiar taste in the mouth from last season. After last week’s god awful episode, where we found out just how ‘UNcreative’ WWE creative can be, fans where treated to an unusual amount of actual wrestling and comic moments. However, towards the end of the show this creative streak was beaten and we where left with the Same Old S#it from last week.

Lets take a look at this week’s action

Hell In a Cell

The show started off with a mouthwatering rematch between Y2J and Bray Wyatt. Both men stepped up to the plate and delivered the best match of this feud so far, with the highlight coming from Jericho executing a diving crossbody from the top of the cage. Wyatt ultimately won the match, which was much needed as ‘the eater of the worlds’ started to look like he needed to liquidize all his meals with the number of loss’s he has racked up since WM.

The post match attack also further added to Wyatt’s role as an evil heel, which he will hopefully build upon. As for Chris Jericho, he gave the fans his all, put a future star over and damaged his knee/leg. All in a days work.

Phone hacking Sandow

WWE being as topical had Ziggler expose some unflattering pictures of the big Hollywood star, The Miz. This segment was rather amusing and fitted perfectly with Miz’s Hollywood gimmick, although an actual fight would made the spectacle a lot better. This feud leading into Night of Champions has decent momentum and with Zigglers in ring skills and Miz & Sandows comic stupidity, we are bound to see a must watch match.

Diva foursome

Natalya and Rosa Mendez took on the ‘frenemies’, Aj and Paige. Fans where treated to a glimpse of possible in ring chemistry between Natalya and Paige, but before either could showcase their full potential the match ended with AJ locking in the Black Widow to take home the victory. The segment ended with both AJ and Paige taking turns kissing the Diva championship.

This feud, between arguably the two top Divas in the division, seems to be getting tenser by the weeks and could develop into an interesting spectacle, as both ladies try to play mind games on each other. Hopefully WWE doesn’t drag it out to much.

Heyman’s Taunt

The crowd rose to their feet as the companys best speaker came out to remind us just how good his client was. He ranted about Cena’s Staleness, (which included Heymans rapping skills), which prompted the Superstar to come out and defend himself.

Cenas speech, although well delivered and touching, was the same bulls**t he always says…. I’ll just leave it at that. The segment dragged a bit but did end with Cena calling out Lesner at next weeks raw (German suplex anyone?) or atleast Heyman Vs Cena.

Rollins v Sheamus

This was not the greatest match of the night although both men put up a valiant effort, which saw Rollins take the win from a distracted Shamus, who had one eye on his next opponent Cesaro who was hovering outside the ring ready to attack. Which he did at the end.

Recurring Russian Nightmare

Lana and Rusev came out. Talked about how the USA is rubbish. Russia is great. Putin is great. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat….

The Ravishing Russian did her best to save a familiar segment but the crowed knew what they where in for and weren’t too impressed.

Future Tag Team action

We were treated to a glimpse of things to come, fresh from WWE talent development pool. Fans who aren’t familiar with NXT saw some real wrestling talent, who are bound to be future main eventers. The four men promoted NXT Takeover 2 and Neville stole the show with his jaw dropping finishing move Red Arrow. The segment left us with a sense of hope, that although the present can be frustrating, the future is bright and full of real wrestlers.

Springer to the rescue

With the Bella family falling apart, Stephanie McMahon does what any caring boss would do in such a situation…. Yup, call in Jerry Springer. This segment picked up from last week and had Jerry try to bring peace by showing video messages from Nikki and Brie’s Parents. He then bought out their brother who sided with Brie. This didn’t go down to well with Nikki and resulted in the brother (whos name I cant remember) being slapped and Stephanie having the right hump.

Now Jerry got seriously hurt as he got taken to the ground trying play peacekeeper and needed medical assistance. His bodyguard failed at hi job and Mr Springer was stretcherd out the building, but before he disappeared he gave a big thumbs-up to say he was OK…phew.

Orton ending The Reign

Orton came out real fired up and even took out his rage on an injured Jericho earlier in the night. The match itself was a poor version of their Summer Slam bought (which also mediocre) but the ending will have fans tuning in to see the aftermath. Reigns was about to win when Orton called out the authority, who attacked Reigns and then tried to bring down the steel cage, used earlier in the night, to lock Reigns in. Reigns fought back, but the numbers game was too much and ended with Roman laid out cold on the floor and Rollins delivering a curb stomp against the chair to put him to rest.

The ending made the heels look like heels and now sets up for Reigns to come back stronger and build on his superman perosna.


To conclude, the show started well but failed to keep the momentum going for a full 3 hours. Their where many positives and next weeks raw should be able to pick up from here and lead us into Night of Champions with a lot of interesting feuds being matched up.


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