The Middle Ground: Mid-month analysis of WWE’s midcard – Damien Sandow

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This month’s midcard analysis focuses on Damien Sandow, and why he is tipped to become the top dog of the midcard division

It has been a little over a year ago that Damien Sandow cashed in his Money In The Bank contract against John Cena. At that moment it was believed that Cena was about to put over a talent who could go on to be a top Heel in the WWE. Unfortunately, a few minutes later reality kicked in and Sandow lost to the man who ‘Never gives up’ to put an end to any potential title reign for Sandow.

What happened next was a full on downwards spiral of character with so much potential and popularity, but because of poor booking and backroom politics, got kicked to the curb by every single superstar in the locker room. His descend down the pecking order is actually similar to that of Dolph Ziggler’s, who only recently managed to turn arund his fortunes. Sandow’s low point came earlier this year when he was forced to appear as Magneto in front of Hollywood A-lister Hugh Jackman and again take a beating to make the action star look like a million bucks (not that he needs it, I mean he is Wolverine after all!).

As a talent Damien Sandow shows a wide array of attributes, which should equate to him being successful. At 6’4 and 250lbs hes definitely looks the part and having been trained by Hall of Famer Killer Kowalski, his in ring ability is second to none. He may not be the quickest in the ring but his technical understanding of his craft allows him to put on top quality matches whenever called upon. Sandow also possesses one of the biggest quality any wrestler needs to make or break a career in the WWE, his ability on the mic. This was fully demonstrated when he was the “Intellectual Savior of the Masses”. The way Sandow would come out and insult the crowd and then use his catchphrase ‘You’re welcome’ was enough for him to become fans favorite. His charisma would reel in the crowd and have fans hanging on to every word he said.

Highlight Nation Men BannerDespite all his talent he has always been booked as a comical figure and didn’t help with his case to become a top Superstar within the company. However since adopting the Mizdow persona over the last few months he has been able to revive his career and once again become fan favorite.

Sandow has nailed his role as a stunt double down to a tee. His relationship with Hollywood Miz has become one of the highlights of recent weeks during which much of the show (bar Ambrose/Rollins) has become stale. Sandow has fully submersed himself in this role, which just shows that he is willing to do whatever it takes to be part of the company and put on a good show.

Mizdow’s popularity was highlighted in the recent episode of Raw in Liverpool where the crowd went into frenzy when he appeared. WWE needs to capitalize on Mizdow, the announcers have actually commentated on his growing popularity. This sets the scene perfectly as Hollywood Miz can keep playing the Heel and grow angry at Mizdow stealing his limelight. Mizdow, who has been the ever supportive stunt double will become frustrated at being constantly being pushed around for little reward and turn Face.

If booked correctly, WWE can have two top midcarders embroiled in a feud, which will climax at Wrestle Mania. Hollywood Miz should win the US title with the help of Mizdow but receive no credit from his employer. Here Mizdow should quit and walk away only to be attacked by the Miz which can start the feud between these characters until the Miz puts the title on the line at the grandest stage of them all.

This would be a great strategy to propel the Miz and Sandow to their full potential and have a solid feud ready for next year.

Sandow could be built to become a great Heel long term in the way Paul Heyman is one of the best Heels in the company. The both share a charisma on the mic which makes you just appreciate the ability to captivate an audience. Whether this will go on to actually happen is another matter as the powers to be don’t really see Sandow as a marketable money making venture. However he can go on to be one of the great highlights in the midcard division.Highlight Nation Banner


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