WWE Raw Monday Night Highlight – The Authority are going stale

Rollins standing tall
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After a disappointing WWE Raw last week to kick off 2015 the anticipation for the follow up wasn’t at it’s highest, especially as just hours before the show was about to start TMZ leaked that the late Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage would be the first inductee to this year’s Hall of Fame

Thanks for the spoiler guys! However the show must go on, and for a reason we’re still struggling to justify we found ourselves amongst the rest of the WWE Universe hoping that the next three hours wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.

I can’t remember the last time we had a WWE Raw that didn’t start with a promo and with Dolph Ziggler, Eric Rowan and Ryback having been fired last week it wasn’t a surprise that we were treated to another pantomime segment from John Cena. The Authority joined Cena shortly after and I’m sure you could guess the kind of conversation they had by now. The word ‘selfish’ was to focal point of this promo and that where I have to agree. The Authority and John Cena are selfish both in their own ways.

Cena had the chance to win back the jobs of Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback by facing Rollins in a Lumberjack match, which by the power of the Authority seemed to be quite one sided. This was a match the WWE Universe were happy to back John Cena on if it meant getting Dolph Ziggler back, but the cloud rained over him as Rollins picked up the win, which still leaves the spotlight on the rivalry between golden boy Cena and the Authority. It looks as if the momentum of the three unfortunate superstars has finally been put to bed. And the frustration grows.

With all the talent being hidden backstage, it outrages me that we still have veterans such as the Big Show still being pushed into the ring to rival and man that is supposedly set to be the next big thing. If Roman Reigns really does have the potential to become a future WWE Champion, why drag him into a rivalry with a man that gets showered with ‘boring’ chants whilst on the mic. I could be a clever play by WWE to send in the soul sucking Big Show, so that when Reigns finally knocks him the hell out the WWE Universe will cheer just as loud as they booed. With that being said, Roman Reigns popularity has stemmed from his brute force, power house moves and natural dominance in the ring. It definitely wasn’t for his fairy tale storytelling, which leads me to think that WWE have planned Reigns to be the next John Cena and thus another Superstar dies.

Even with Dean Ambrose being kept out of the main events, there was still space for him on tonight’s show, and it shows yet again no matter the situation this man is being put in, whether he’s trying to be buried or held back. He can still produce an act of genius that makes WWE RAW slightly more bearable to watch.

Ladies and Gentleman Paul Heyman is here to save Monday Night Raw with his WWE Champion Brock Lesnar! And what better way to rally the crowd than revisiting one of the biggest upsets in WWE History, the death of the Undertakers streak. He put the life back into back into the audience with his way of words as he put the champion on a pedestal even with his unsatisfying number of appearances.

A moment that everyone has been waiting for for a long time! YES! YES! YES! The whole arena exploded as we witnessed the return of Daniel Bryan, the Universes underdog. In the town Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, the highlight of his career; he sounded like a man eager to regain his place at the top. However just as suspected his return was short lived by the selfish Stephanie McMahon. This storyline was fed to us 8 months ago and it seems The Authority are having a hard time letting it go, as it would mean less TV time for them. If it couldn’t get any worse, it felt like I had stepped into a time machine watching another bout between Daniel Bryan and the increasingly irrelevant Kane. With Daniel Bryan finishing the stronger of the two we may just have the winner of the Royal Rumble 2015.

Even with the leak from TMZ and a clip of WWE Superstars epically imitating Randy Savage, WWE were still set on making us believe that he would be expected to be inducted tonight. Nonetheless it was a special tribute to Randy Savage and we can’t wait to see the rest of the inductees!

We come to the end of the show, the contract signing between the Champion Brock Lesnar, the future of the WWE Seth Rollins and the Children’s Hero John Cena. But again it wouldn’t be Monday Night Raw without The Authority also being present, doing the majority of the speaking. After the three exchanged words, building up to what is set to be a brutal main event at the Royal Rumble. Seth Rollins’ execution being the most believable in the ring, a true heel and a true future champion. Before either of the 3 parties could leave the ring in peace the three broke into a brawl, Cena putting Brock through a table and Rollins kerb stomping both Cena and the Beast. With his opponents knocked out on the apron it looked to be the perfect opportunity to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, however he arrogantly stood in the middle on the ring and mocked the WWE Universe.

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Seth Rollins (Winner) vs. John Cena (Loser)

The New Day (Winners) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (Loser)

Luke Harper (Loser) vs. Roman Reigns (Winner)

Naomi (Loser) vs. Alicia Fox (Winner)

The Miz (Winner) vs. Jey Uso (Loser)

Paige (Losers) vs. Brie Bella (Winner)

The Ascension (Winners) vs. Locals (Losers)

Rusev (Winner) vs. Dean Ambrose (Loser) – via referee stoppage



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