WWE Raw Monday Night Highlight 15/12/2014 – The Beast Incarnate Unleashed

Brock Lesnar
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After being blessed with the talent of Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper at WWE TLC (and stairs) PPV and the enthralling battle between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt being the main event, there was a lot WWE Raw had to live up to

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…BREAK THE WALLS DOWWWNNN!!! Chris Jericho, the first ever undisputed champion and winner off WWE’s Extreme Moment of the Year Slammy Award was back and he was here to control the show.

His first order of business was to call out Fandingbat…Fandumbo… Fanwango…no wait; I’ve got it Fandango who mockingly accepted his Slammy Award for him last week. However, before this could even get start Y2J was rudely interrupted by Paul Heyman.

Heyman began to typically taunt the man in front of him, expressing how he should have been in charge instead. But his real ‘beef’ with Jericho was the Extreme Moment of the Year award and how he, ‘the Grand Poohbah of extreme ‘should be the rightful owner of that Slammy. The in-ring chemistry had the crowd entertained and buzzed, and it only elevated when Heyman started to bad-mouth Seth Rollins, forcing Mr Money in the Bank to join the in the ring and confront the Walrus.

One of WWE’s strongest heels in the business today began to run his mouth, which included John Cena and then there were four in the ring. An intense standoff between Rollins and Cena lead to a rematch of Sunday nights TCL match, but this time in the Main Event of Raw in a soul destroying Steel Cage match.

The first match of the night, a tag team match between Dolph Ziggler & Eric Rowan vs. Luke Harper & The Big Show. Dolph entered the ring in style, being the show-off that he is clutching his newly won Intercontinental Championship in one hand and his Slammy Award in the other. As expected the match was dominated by the gigantic heels and it wasn’t long before Big Show delivered a devastating knockout punch to Rowan for the win. The interest lies in the feud between Ziggler and Harper, two talented superstars that stole a PPV show and work together to produce some amazing moments just to prove that they are the best.

It wouldn’t be RAW IS JERICHO is we weren’t treated to another edition of The Highlight Reel and tonight’s guest was a man who cannot be stopped, Rusev. With the Russian usually falling short of words, it was Lana who took centre stage with Y2J. As always the ravishing Russian was set on reminding the WWE Universe about Rusev being undefeated, however the host of the Highlight Reel took a more comical approach in mocking towards ‘U.S. champ and the communist tramp’ being involved with each other. Evolving the storyline, Ryback was called down to the ring as the most likely superstar to end Rusev path of destruction and put the U.S Title back into the hands of a more rightful owner.

The third tag team match of the night saw the crowd slowly depreciating into their seats quietly, running of for a hotdog and beer or chanting for anything other than what was happening in the ring. It was another match for The New Day, Xavier Woods & Big E with Kofi Kingston joining commentary taking on the Dust Brothers. The match didn’t really hold any excitement, however The New Day managed to pick up a second win of their career, which means we could be building up to something great from the trio. I guess we will have to wait and see if they manage to find the right balance between entertainment and wrestling.

One of the more surprising treats of the night came next as the General Manager of Raw put himself in a match against a cowering Paul Heyman. Up to his usual tricks, Heyman tried to hustle his way out of the match by bribing a ready to fight Y2J with $200 he owed from his ECW days. Of course this didn’t work and this resulted in Heyman moving to Plan B, BROCK LESNAR! The Beast Incarnate drew cheers from a dying crowd as he stalk Jericho form outside the ring. With the veteran not backing down he tried to attack Lesnar but came off worse as the Champion delivered a devastating F5 and he and his advocate left the ring before the match could even start.

One of the biggest superstars on the WWE roster finally made his return to Raw, Roman Reigns looking as powerful as ever stood in the middle of the ring. A man, who has his eye set on winning the Royal Rumble, was back and ready to make strong statement as he delivered a spear to Fandango and a superman punch to the Big Show as we saw some real heat start up between these two athletes.

A raw that had its ups and downs tonight we reach a main event with two superstars and a steel cage. After Cena and Rollins put their bodies on the line only the night before at TLC, these two were at it again continuing their rivalry as to who should be the next WWE Champion. The steel cage lowered and Rollins tried to make a swift escape however Cena stopped him and the two began to battle it out in style. The in ring chemistry between these two has substantially grown throughout the past month and for the second night in the row they lived up to their potential. Both guys had some great chances to win the match, with Rollins looking like the stronger of the two having had help from J&J Security, stopping Cena at every opportunity. However, the experience of the former champ kept him in the game and managed to even up the playing field with an Attitude Adjustment. It look like Cena finally caught the upper hand until Brock Lesnar, the WWE Champion entered the cage and delivered an all too familiar series of German Suplexes to Cena. Before Lesnar could unleash his rage on Rollins as well, Heyman call off the beast and allowed Mr Money in the Bank to finish Cena off and take the win. The big question off of all of this was the closing moments where Rollins and Heyman shared a moment, was this attack on Cena orchestrated by the two? It seems questionable enough.

Overall Y2J pulled off a fairly decent show follow TLC, with a strong start and even stronger finish. The middle seemed to lose momentum with a fair few matches that really held no relevance to any particular storylines. It will be interesting to see which of the superstars will get the push leading up to Royal Rumble, especially now with Reigns back on the scene and Damien Mizdow continuing entertaining the millions as per usual. Where will Wyatt and Ambrose go now after their epic battle and how long will we have to wait before the Viper Randy Orton returns. Stay tuned to hear our thoughts on the matter come next week’s Raw.


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