The Middle Ground: Mid-month analysis of the WWE mid-card

The Miz will face Dolph Ziggler at Night of Champions
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With the WWE spending most of its Creative resources on the Main Event Title scene, we take a look at the midcard players and the sometimes forgotten talent the roster has to offer

This week we focus on Dolph Ziggler. “The Show Off’s” career in WWE has been a frustrating one, as soon as it seems he’s about to blow up, his momentum seems to fizzle out. His past backstage relationships, public criticisms, injuries and size, have all played a hand in keeping ‘the companies greatest work horse’ down. Undoubtedly his greatest moment came when he cashed in his ‘Money in the Bank’ contract the night after WrestleMania 29, against Alberto del Rio. However, ever since suffering a concussion during his reign, he has been deemed unreliable by the powers that be.

In the last couple of weeks, however, Ziggler has been thrown a lifeline in the form of the Intercontinental Championship. Although this title may not be viewed as prestigious as it once was, it is once again the second main championship belt in WWE. With Ziggler’s in ring ability and natural on mic charisma, he is the perfect candidate on the roster to bring importance to this title once again.

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The Intercontinental Champion’s feud with Miz seems to have rejuvenated the careers for both these superstars. Their match at Summer Slam was one of the better performances of the night and the Hollywood gimmick has bought some funny segments, although not sure where Sandow will go from here (spray tanning Sheamus maybe?). This feud will conclude at the Night of Champions PPV, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the match of the night.

There are rumours of Bray Wyatt attacking Ziggler at Night of Champions or the following night on Raw. A feud with the “Eater of the Worlds” could be a dangerous one if not booked correctly. With Wyatt clearly being groomed to become one of the top heels in the company, it would naturally see him coming out on top. However, WWE need to make Ziggler look equally as strong to give the feud some real meaning.

Zigglers biggest strength is also whats currently holding him back, which is selling. When it comes to making his opponents look like a million dollars Ziggler will sell all day, however, there are few in the business willing to do the same and if the feud is to be a successful one then Wyatt (whos in ring ability haven’t matched his promos) needs to sell for Ziggler just as much as he does. The feud could last up to TLC in my opinion, which would give Ziggler some real credibility even if he gives up his title.

Ziggler has all the attributes to have a long career in WWE even if he never makes it to world title picture. His explosiveness in the ring matched with his personality will always go down well with fans, yet I’m worried that after the Wyatt feud he will fall out of favor with WWE management. Perhaps partnering him with another WWE star and turning Heel could see him dominate the Tag team scene for a while before he breaks free for his solo shot at the title. My money is on Ziggler to come out on top and would love to see him “Show the world…”

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