WWE Friday Night Smackdown Report – Roman reigns over The Wyatt Family

Roman Reigns
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Catch up with the latest results of Friday Night Smackdown and see which WWE Superstars came out on top heading into Monday Night Raw

With the build up of Night of Champions set to start this week, everyone has a lot to prove if they want to be in for a look of some WWE gold on September 21st 2014.

Roman Reigns kicked of the show with a match against Bray Wyatt to continue his ascension from Raw where he overcame an attack from The Authority. The match between the two powerhouses was cut short as Luke Harper and Erick Rowan interfered in an effort to help their cult leader out. The trio continued with a beat down on Reigns until Mark Henry and The Big Show ran out to make the save and even the odds. As the tension settled down, the fans learnt that there will be (in the words of Teddy Long) ‘a six-man tag team match playa’ between the two parties later on in the show.

Rollins Regains Authority

The show continued with a match between ‘Mr Money in the Bank’ Seth Rollins and ‘Mr Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam as the former architect sought to regain dominance in the roster following his failed attack on Reigns on Monday night. RVD used his experience to match Rollins’ agility for most of the match with a series of signature spin kicks and flamboyant manoeuvres. Rollins however took advantage of the eventual fatigue “The Human Highlight Reel” and won the match with corner powerbomb and Curb Stomp combination. It has been reported that this was the last night of RVD’s run before he goes on his seasonly break.

Emma reappeared following a spell of absence from the main shows to take on Paige in a non title match. The Divas Champion swiftly locked in the PTO for Emma to tap out and lose via submission. AJ Lee skipped to the ring to interrupt Paige’s celebration and give her a box of chocolates. AJ said they are still best friends and demanded for Paige to take the gift. Paige finally ate one of the chocolates but spat it back at AJ before skipping away. The England native is matching AJ here in the mind games as their compelling crazy vs. champion rivalry continues.

Lana was on course to cut a pro Russian promo in the ring but was interrupted by Jack Swagger who challenged his summer rival in a rematch from SummerSlam. Rusev went for the Accolade but Swagger managed to escape. The Russian then locked in another Accolade but Swagger yet again managed to break free. Bo Dallas approached the ring and threw in a white towel to signify Swagger’s surrender despite the “Real American” not agreeing to the gesture. The distraction of the towel enabled Rusev to lock in one more Accolade for the victory. Dallas told Swagger to “Bolieve” after the match and then attacked him with the “Bodog” to affirm their new rivalry.

Jimmy Uso went head to head with Stardust in response to the Dust Brothers’ beat down of the Tag Team Champions earlier in the week. Goldust apologized for their actions before the match but the effort went in vain as the brothers attacked the Usos again following Jimmy’s win via a roll up. The turn of character for the Dusts have given the team a breath of fresh air following a spell in limbo. The duo are finally getting TV time and are looking to be the next contenders for the tag titles.

Kane set up a match between The Miz and Sheamus but “The Money Maker” sent his stunt double “Damien Mizdow” to fight in the match. Sheamus made quick work of Sandow and won within a few minutes with the White Noise. Dolph Ziggler ran down to ringside to throw Miz into the action up but the former Intercontinental Champion dodged any confrontation and rolled out into the crowd.

Clash of the Titans

Reigns, Henry & Big Show made their way to the ring to take on The Wyatt Family in the main event of the night. The Wyatts worked well together to single out each opposition team member. Reigns managed to finally switch the momentum and counter with the Superman Punch to Harper. Rowan stopped the pin for Big Show to chokeslam the heavyweight. Bray clotheslined show out of the ring for Henry to follow up with a thunderous slam to the cult leader. Reigns finished the match with the Spear on Harper to aid his team in victory.

Randy Orton has been missing in action over the last few weeks so Reigns has been unable to respond to “The Viper’s” attack last week. The former Shield member has been booked strongly while Orton has been away, their rivalry is likely to resume when the Authority’s golden boy returns on Raw on Monday.

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