WWE Smackdown Report: Reigns brawls with Rollins while Henry gets revenge on Rusev ahead of Night of Champions

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Highlight Nation editor, Sumit Rehal wrote for The Independent to report on the 19 September edition of WWE Smackdown

The in-ring action kicked off right away with a match between Jimmy Uso and Stardust ahead of the tag team match between the Usos and the Dust Brothers at Night Of Champions. Stardust did well to avoid two Superkick attempts by Jimmy but failed to counter a third kick to the chin for Jimmy to get the pin for the victory. Goldust tried to attack Jimmy following the match but Jey ran in the ring to help his brother as the twins delivered a double Superkick to the “Bizarre One”. The Samoan pairing have all the momentum going on their WWE Tag Team Championship defence but the Dusts have also have had a new breathe of life following their attack on their rivals last month.

The Middle Ground

Dolph Ziggler partnered with Sheamus to take on The Miz & Cesaro ahead of their respective Intercontinental and United States title matches this Sunday. Ziggler and Miz had their stunt doubles “R-Ziggler” and “Damien Mizdow” at ringside who both frequently interrupted the flow of the match. Sheamus finished the match with a thunderous Brogue Kick to the Miz following a distraction from R-Truth on the “Moneymaker”. These four Superstars have championed the mid-card titles over the last few years and they could swap reigns yet again this Sunday with Miz looking to win back the Intercontinental title and Cesaro looking to regain his lost momentum.

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