WWE Night Of Champions Report: Kane Attacks Sheamus And Rollins After Sting Loses Out

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Despite losing his WWE United States Championship match against John Cena, Seth Rollins managed to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Sting in the main event of Sunday night’s WWE Night Of Champions pay-per-view in Houston, Texas.

Following the match, Sheamus rushed to the ring and nearly cashed in his “Money In The Bank” briefcase, blasting Rollins with a “Brogue Kick,” only for a returning Kane, who came back with long hair and his traditional mask, to choke slam him and stop him from doing so.

To make things even, however, Kane also choke slammed Rollins, and finished him off with a Tombstone Piledriver to end the pay per view.

With both Kane and the champion being so affiliated with The Authority, this could be the spark for the long rumoured Triple H vs Rollins rivalry.

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