WWE Hell In A Cell – The Final Verdict

By David Travers - @GuannacoTRAVERS

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Who climbed out of hell unscathed? Find out in our ultimate review! 

Following WWE Hell in a Cell, we will focus on  The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar, Charlotte vs Nikki for the Divas Championship, The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz for the tag titles, the United States Championship match and Seth Rollins vs Demon Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I will also give my verdict on each match.

John Cena vs ???

Let’s get the ball rolling the first match at HIAC was the United States title match. It was full of huge amounts of curiosity and anticipation as to who would be John Cena’s mystery opponent. John Cena came out to the reception of usual ‘John Cena sucks’ in time to his entrance music. If curiosity could of killed the cat any more. Zeb Coulter then made his entrance, and at first I thought that he would announce Jack Swagger as Cena’s opponent but, then he talked about different nationalities and cultures coming together.

So that intrigued me along with the fans even more. Before he announced that Cena’s opponent was none other than Alberto Del Rio. Which was met with a great ovation from the crowd as it had been since last year that we had all seen Del Rio in a WWE ring, and it was good to see him back. He looked in a lot better shape  a lot more leaner and slimmer.

As the match got under way, both wrestlers going back and forth, Del Rio showing what he had picked up from Mexico and Lucha Underground, not as intense as we had seen him in previous years but, more intelligent ring action. No wrestler had the advantage as the match went on, no one gained the upper hand it was a good solid match.

Cena went to put Del Rio away with the FU * I know it’s the AA but, it’s still the FU to me damn it* and we thought we would see another squandered chance to put another wrestler over ‘The Tom Brady of professional wrestling’ but Del Rio countered before hitting the back stabber on cena, and putting him to rest with a kick to the head for the 1,2,3. We have a new United States Champion and, his name is ALBERTOOOOO DELLLLLLLLLL RIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOO. It was a good way to write Cena off TV for a while than by having someone like Del Rio return to the WWE, with all signs of his fine behind Vince and  Del Rio capturing the United States Championship.

This also marks Alberto’s first ever United States Championship reign in the company,  which is good to see him return  and to win the title in his return and against Cena, who has turned the US title around from being a joke of a championship, to having the whole US open challenge.

The David Scale is back and I really liked this match, it was a good solid match that wasn’t filled with the usual match enders of numerous finishers performed by both wrestlers which frustrates us as wrestling fans. It was a 20 minute match, but it felt a lot shorter, normally a short match to the WWE means they either felt the fans were getting bored, but not in this case it was just a well wrestled match. Plus it was a pleasant surprise to see Del Rio.

David Scale: ****

The Dudley Boyz vs The New Day III

Our second title match at Hell in a Cell was for the tag team championships. In one corner we have the veterans The Dudley Boyz who were looking to hopefully capture tag team gold once again, and in the other we have The New Day, growing as heels and the current tag team champions. Without the managerial assistance from Xavier Woods who had been taken out on RAW via a power bomb delivered by Bubba Ray.

The bell rang, and we got right into the action, with The Dudley Boyz showing why they have capture tag team gold on so many occasions through quick tag and a great power house offence, that kept The New Day, retreating and re grouping on the outside, this could well be The Dudley Boyz night as they looked ready for whatever The New Day threw at them, as The New Day looked nervous with Xavier Woods at ringside.

After a slip by D-Von, The New Day took over and started mounting an attack of their own, isolating D-Von. D-Von managed to get the  tag into Bubba Ray who turned the tide back to Dudleyville, after a distraction by The New Day tossing Bubba Ray the trombone just as the ref turned round and was about to disqualify The Dudley Boyz this time but let the match continue.

With The Dudleyz looking to close in on the victory hitting Kofi Kingston with The Dudley Death Drop, and looked to put him away with the 3-D, Big E, then quickly dove into the ring and smacking Bubba Ray with the trombone after D-Von cleared Big E and himself out the ring, Kofi Kingston used this moment to lay Bubba Ray out with Trouble in paradise for the win and to retain the tag team gold.

I felt this match was well fought, and it really helped boost The New Day as heels, as they have no properly  beaten The Dudley Boyz for the title rather than being DQ’d again and showed they didn’t need the numbers advantage in order to get the job done, and its similar to The Usos beating The New Age Outlaws, a young, fresh team beating a veteran tag team to help boost them as a tag team and as champions.  I’m liking this feud and how much it is helping The New Day.

David Scale: ****

Nikki Bella vs Charlotte

It was now time for the Divas to show the WWE Universe  what they can do. We have Fearless Nikki Bella taking on the NEW Divas Champion, Charlotte.

Nikki Bella took control early on in the match showing that Charlotte’s win over her was a luck, as she punished Charlotte with ground work, once again showing why she was the longest reigning Divas Champion and that she is coming for to wear gold once again. Things looked to be all Bella until, Charlotte fought back and displayed a great amount of ground work that kept Nikki at bay while Charlotte tilted the scales in her favour.

Charlotte was here to stay, as she made it clear that her title victory over Nikki was not luck, but through hard work and determination as she continued to display good ring work, with no other divas allowed at ring side there was no twin magic going to occur or any distractions from Team Bella ( Brie Bella and Alicia Fox).

With the closing moments of the match, Charlotte locked in her vacation of the figure four leg lock, that she had learnt from her father and legendary wrestler Ric Flair that had helped her career in NXT to now. Nikki managed to grab the ropes to force charlotte to break the hold.After another back and forth exchange Charlotte locked the figure 8 submission move once more, with no where to go Nikki was force to tap out, giving Charlotte another PPV win over Nikki.

Although for me there wasn’t really a lot to say about this match. On the David Scale, i thought this match wasn’t that good, sure Charlotte showed determination and that you should do all things with Flair, but even with this Divas Revolution, and the three teams, the divas matches still suck. I can’t compare but I am going to any way. I would rather watch NXT women wrestler than the Divas.

David Scale: *

Now it was time for Seth Rollins to face his demons in the form of The Big Red Machine, The Devils favourite Demon, Kane, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with the stipulation added if Kane should lose to Rollins then, Corporate Kane would be fired thus ending Kane’s split egos. Could Rollins beat Kane? Or would Demon Kane win the belt and keep his job a Corporate Kane and continue to be Director of Operations?

Kane started off well, keeping Rollins on his toes, and Rollins then took control by wearing down Demon Kane early on stopping the big man from creating any momentum early on. Kane then rallied back and  once again Rollins retreated to the outside. Kane had a few chances, getting a 2 count and setting up Rollins for a tombstone but Rollins countered.  With Kane’s near chances he created it looked like Corporate Kane’s job was safe.

They then took it to the outside, Rollins power bombed Kane onto the Spanish Announcer’s table, and Kane began to be counted out, which gave Rollins a chance to rest and compose himself giving Rollins the upper hand Kane just about made it into the ring, the match looked like it could go either way, but Rollins showed why he is the champion.He kept Kane grounded and played smart and used the time Kane was down to his advantage and ended the match planting Kane with The Pedigree to get the win and to end his nightmare of having to put up with Corporate Kane and Demon Kane, as his victory meant as apart of the stipulation Corporate Kane was fired.

I felt this match was good in terms of the actual match, and story line, as although Kane is ageing and Rollins is still young and fresh talent,  Rollins did not cary the match as the match could of gone either way with both men creating chances early on in the match.

David Scale: **

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

It was time for the main event, the match we have all been waiting to see. Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. This feud started at WrestleMania with Lesnar ending the legendary streak of 21-0. The two then continued to feud and squared off again  at the Summerslam PPV with The Undertaker coming out on top via submission, in their 13 year rivalry of back and forth matches, that have seen sweat, blood and tears constantly poured between then.

This was going to be an all out war. That is exactly what we got, from the start to the end of the match it was an all out war it was literally Hell in a cell. The match started with a stare down with both men staring back at the other with ice cold glares. The weighing scales constantly stayed in neutral it never tipped in favour of one of the gladiators, even if it did it wasn’t for long.Undertaker drew first blood, after sending Lesnar into the ring post, and smelt blood in the water and punished Lesnar keeping him cornered and on the defence. Brock finally got some energy and unleashed on The Undertaker causing him to shed blood after numerous chair shots.

The war continued to bounce back and forth with both men scoring near pin falls and submissions. Brock Lesnar finally got the advantage to go his way sending The Undertaker to Suplex City delivering three german suplexes and two F-5s that looked to be all she wrote, but just as the ref was bringing his hand down for third count The Dead Man kicked out, keeping alive in the match.

Brock continued to keep The Undertaker down, brining the steel steps into play, but The Undertaker countered  his attempt to crush his leg, causing the steel steps to fall onto Lesnar’s head and with both men down it was anyones match it was just a matter of who could get up first. Lesnar was the first back up, he went to punish taker on the ground but a swift move saw Lesnar in Hell’s Gate, and a repeat of Summerslam was displayed but Lesnar managed to Power out and rain down on The Undertaker with punches.

The match looked to be in a total stalemate as neither man could keep the other down no matter what they did. Finally the deadlock was broken, as Lesnar managed to put The Dead Man to rest, and it was The Beast Incarnate who walked out with his hand raised. After a hellacious Hell in a Cell  match, Suddenly the lights dimmed, and none of than The Eater of World’s, The New Face of Fear Bray Wyatt came out along with the rest of The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman) they cornered The Undertaker keeping him in the ring, while the slowly entered the ring.

Leaving questions as to why they were out here? what do they want with The Undertaker? Survivor Series? They then beat down The Undertaker and carried him off backstage, with the fans asking themselves where in the hell was KANE? Leaving Hell in a Cell  on a climatic ending.

Out of all the matches I have reviewed this was by far my favourite, constantly kept me glued to the screen, on the edge of my seat, a great match 5 star match, match of the night, and any other awards this match can get, loved the ending, I wonder what will come of it, will we see Wyatt vs Taker in a five on five match at Survivor Series?

David Scale *****


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