WWE Alternate History: What If Drew McIntyre Was Indeed The Chosen One?

By Jake Rudge

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I often seen a lot of comments by various people wishing Drew McIntyre had gotten the push he had received as “The Chosen one” back before he was eventually released by WWE

He was involved heavily in a storyline with the general manager, Teddy Long (without the use of a tag team match playa). He abused his “Chosen one” title to remain  as the Intercontinental Champion before having the push seemingly taken away from him when he was traded to Raw. The Scotsman was barely used before being a member of the entertaining but lower card faction 3MB then of course was cut and landed in TNA. Now I’m going to imagine he has been resigned to the WWE.

Monday Night Raw kicks off with a pissed off Vince McMahon and he is seething with Triple H & Stephanie because of The Authority being unable to handle the rebel scum babyfaces with the likes of  Dean Ambrose. In his anger he books Seth Rollins in a one on one match with whoever Seth Rollins is feuding, let’s say Dean Ambrose with The Authority banned and it’s for the WWE Title! Vince storms out of the ring in a continued his rage to end the segment. Later on in the show we see a 3MB reunion where they play the air guitar and talk about how about they will take over the WWE comically.

In comes Vince McMahon, still pissed and spots Drew McIntyre. He screams at Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal to get out of his sight and tells Drew to stay. Vince then completely lays into Drew for becoming a joke in sports entertainment and making a fool out of Vince. Vince can even go all Obi Wan Konebi and scream “YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!” Drew of course is very troubled by these words and is looking less than enthusiastic for a 6 man tag involving 3MB. However during the match Drew starts to fire up and gets a hot tag and clears the ring for his competitors.

The returner puts on a great performance however Jinder Mahal causes the team to lose the match. Drew obviously disappointed in his defeat lays out Mahal & Slater single handily in a fit of rage. Later on that night we have the WWE title match and things are looking great for Ambrose and we expect a new champion until Drew Mcintyre comes out and screws Ambrose causing a DQ finish and the rest of The Authority comes out to lay out Ambrose. Triple H and Stephanie shake Drew’s hand and they all raise their all their hands to establish Drew as the newest member of The Authority. And with that you can build him as the new future of the WWE where he can feud with other main eventers such as Ambrose and John Cena.

Author’s Note

I share the feelings of many where I share my sadness at the death of the legendary Hall of Famer, Rowdy Roddy Piper. This man is one of the greatest of all time in professional wrestling/sports entertainment and without a doubt and someone that I personally have looked up to. Everyone would agree that he could and would have gotten over in any era of wrestling because of his ability in the ring and on the mic. I can mention the countless things he achieved that we already have heard about fondly recently on social media because there are so many! But instead I’ll just say thank you Rowdy. Peace and love to you.

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