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March 29th 2015, Wrestlemania 31, the main event, Seth Rollins cashes in his Money in the Bank contract to inject himself in the title match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

Rollins then pinned Reigns to become the new WWE World Champion, and the first superstar to come up from NXT to be the main man on the main roster.

7 months later, looking back on Rollins current title reign, it baffles me as to why more up and coming superstars have not had title shots, the one exception being Neville on an ‘open challenge on RAW’. Looking back on the stats of Rollins title reign, Rollins has defended the WWE World Title on PPV against 7 different challengers. Five former world champions, one who has previously had a title shot and one new challenger.

Rollins first challenger as champion was Randy Orton at Extreme Rules. This made sense as the month before at Wrestlemania, Orton pinned Rollins earlier in the show. But not to have Reigns involved instead, or even at all, was what confused the fans. Reigns was screwed out of the title, Reigns lost to Rollins so why not give him the first title shot, after all Orton beat Rollins before he was champion.

Moving onto Payback the next month, after a controversial cage match, Orton was given another shot, along with Reigns getting his Wrestlemania redemption and Dean Ambrose as a follow up to pinning Rollins on RAW a few weeks prior. There was no problems with this match other than having 3 babyfaces in this match challenging for the title, where only one story was taken forward which was Rollins vs Ambrose for the title.

The next two PPV main events were the best of Rollins title reign so far, facing Ambrose at both Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank, with two match of the year candidates. With the controversial ending at EC, where it had appeared Ambrose won the title, only for the decision to be reversed, it was a fantastic match to which the crowd went absolutely insane after they thought Ambrose had won the title. Which set up a ladder match rematch at MITB, another match of the year candidate, where two young, hungry competitors went hard at it to become ‘the man’ with Rollins establishing himself, with no outside interference, to climb the ladder before Ambrose and retain the title.

This established Rollins as ‘the real deal’ and showed Ambrose as an established star who doesn’t look out of place in the WWE World title picture.

The Beast was back. Battleground 2015, Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World title. The arguable match of the year was Rollins vs Cena vs Lesnar, so could the two of them live up to the hype or would it be another one sided Lesnar beating? It was simple, another one sided Lesnar beating, for which the pinfall by Lesnar on Rollins was interrupted by a returning Undertaker, to set up a match with Lesnar at Summerslam, with Rollins ‘escaping’ with the Title.

rollins lesnar

The next move baffled me, it didn’t at first, but because of the finish of their match, it left me saying ‘What the hell!!’ This match did nothing to put over Rollins as a credible champion, having a celebrity interfere at the end of the match. He was the first dual World and US Champion in WWE, let him win clean, or let him cheat to win, he’s a bad guy! Not shove in a random celebrity to help him finish the match!

Then out of nowhere the next night on RAW, Sting appears, attacks Rollins and next thing you know he’s in a title match?!?!  Sting has had one match in WWE. A Loss to Triple H. Where the hell does he get a title match from?

Don’t get me wrong I understand to get in the ring with ‘The Icon,’ ‘The Franchise of WCW’ is a hell of a rub for a young talent, but not if Sting hasn’t proven himself in WWE first. He’s a 50+ year old man who lost his only WWE match, and in WWE’s eyes, hasn’t existed for the last 14 years since WCW went under.

Then the worst one of all – the split personality, Kane. Who has gone from spending the last year being a corporate stooge, to having some sort of unexplained personality disorder, to getting a title shot against Rollins at Hell in a Cell. The only thing I feel I need to say is Why?

Going forward, providing Rollins wins at HIAC, god help us, then there needs to be a massive change in the title picture in terms of Rollins challengers. There are at least 4 people that should have been in front of Cena, Sting and Kane.

Roman Reigns has still not had a one on one match after Rollins screwed him over at Wrestlemania. Even though the fans haven’t completely taken to Reigns, with his involvement in the Susan.G.Komen foundation, the Be a Star movement and the Make A Wish Foundation, it seems like Reigns is going to be the company’s main guy eventually, so there will be a WWE World Title run in his future.

Dean Ambrose is an easy choice to throw in to the mix, they know he and Rollins can have a fantastic match, he’s a massive crowd favourite and wouldn’t have any problems carrying the belt.

Cesaro, the man who can have a 5 star match with anybody. Would be a fantastic choice going forward to feud with Rollins. They have been having great matches when they’ve met on RAW and Smackdown, and with Cesaro seeming to be in limbo at the moment, a feud with Rollins over the title could be just what ‘The Swiss Superman’ needs.

Sheamus and his money in the bank briefcase. To cash in on Rollins would be a huge mistake, both because it derails Rollins, could possibly turn him babyface, which is a big no! And it would just have the same problems as Rollins title reign in terms of contenders for the title.

So why do you think WWE have gone for the non obvious choices? Tweet us – @HLNation_

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