Why Do I Write Music?

By Tommy Baird

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I tried to start this piece by answering the title in one word and I couldn’t. Who knows, maybe that one word will come later, but maybe not

Music is a very powerful form of expression in a sense that it can alter ones state of mind, bring up memories and even give comfort to the listener. I like to think that by writing my own music I could possibly do the same thing, despite how my music can include certain samples that may be construed as controversial and even offensive by some listeners. I can assure you these samples are not gimmicks to catch the attention of music lovers, but more of a personal statement to the world we live in.

Or to show contradiction between what some may find touching, perhaps beautiful, whilst others may find disturbing. Music does not even need to be verbal; it can be a very powerful nonverbal use of communication. Music does not in fact have to have lyrics you can comprehend. I know that growing up I would get a mini-epiphany when being corrected on lyrics I had mis-heard, giving me a new interpretation of the song in question (usually one that would make more sense.)

There are a lot of reasons why I write music; First and foremost, I write music for myself. It would be nice to have my music heard by all in a commercial way, perhaps on the radio or pushed by an influential icon of mine in the hope that we could share some of the same fans.  We can all agree that ‘selling out’ is a statement people will use when a musician’s fan base increases because their music has spread much further by selling it. In my opinion, I would be living the dream if people actually wanted to spend their hard earned money on the art I have produced.

I get a greater feeling of pleasure and achievement the more music I write. The same feeling you might get from finishing a book or playing video games. I feel the more I write, the more I learn, and the more I learn, the more I improve. By improving it pushes me to write more, gaining yet more knowledge, pleasure and more experience. Writing music helps me to relax, and clear my mind of all my other anxieties of life I might have at any one time. It’s a coping method helping me to escape to a safe place. Then when I have a (fresh) piece completed I can use it to keep myself calm during the day, as proof that I am capable of achieving something.

If you could imagine me to be a flow chart: Start with inputting two decades of my ears processing everything that went through them, separating what I decided to object or grew to loathe from what I found to be inspiration and anything influential. The output of the visual metaphor of ‘flowchart me’ is all the music on my sound cloud. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I see music as putting your opinion forward in a more unique way, It’s a way of expressing yourself through art. “Art is anything you can get away with” once said by Andy Warhol. Although he was an artist I believe this quote to true to music also, because music is an art form. The type of art Warhol is most popular for is visual, for the benefit of the eye, whereas I believe that music is an art, for the benefit of the ears.

Check Tommy’s brilliant SoundCloud – soundcloud.com/kortexiphankid

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