Think Ahead Tuesdays: When Pokemon Meets Grime

By Anton Constantinou - @Aberrantin

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Think Ahead Tuesdays is all about those forthcoming tracks, albums and movies that keep the spirit of hip hop alive

Remember Pokemon Cards? Well, they’re back in effect “ghetto” style with a new range of music themed collectibles. Brighton based photographer and Illustrator Ben Gore has done the unthinkable and combined the worlds of grime and Pokemon in playing card form. His outrageous creations replace well known characters like Snorlax, Charmander and Hitmonchan with the likes of Ghetts, JME, and Tempa T.

At 22 cards the Grimemon deck is jam packed with music stars ready to it battle out. Drawing inspiration from the artists themselves, all attack combos featured are well known grime songs. Wiley’s killer moves are Ice Rink and Playtime is Over; Skepta’s, Shut Down and That’s Not Me. Gore’s cards can be purchased as a set or as one giant A3 poster, for as little as £10.

To place your order, click HERE. Alternatively, why not indulge in a little fortune telling with his other playing card mashup, Hip Hop Tarot. Follow Gore on Twitter now.

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