What Will Vince Do About Hateful Hogan? – The Briefcase Speaks

By Chirag Upadhyay

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Last week we told you Vince was back and what a time to return. For after rebooking Summerslam and Battleground, for his next trick Vince, with a click of his fingers, erased history

That is the beauty of owning all wrestling history. Essentially, Vince is God. He decides if you get into heaven or as he rebranded it, The Hall of Fame. Of course that means he can kick you out like a fallen angel. Forever to walk the bleak empty TV land of purgatory at TNA.

However, some angels were able to defy Vince. They escaped purgatory. They went straight to hell. But the upside of being beaten to death over and over again was they were able to remain relevant. That’s what the Devil, the UFC, promises. In return for your spilled blood (and there will be much) you grasp broken fingered to fame. But oh what a price you’ll pay. Shattered femurs await you CM Punk. You thought Vince was bad? Now you get to deal with Dana White and they are two sides of the same coin so say your prayers, eat your vitamins and don’t close eyes just before impact, brother!

Now another angel has fallen, and this one likes to talk and was once the head angel. The main angel. The angel that ran the show.

So what to do with a problem like Hateful Hogan…? This reincarnation of the vitamin promoting yellow and red re-tweets, and he’s gullible, and he’s a racist, and this isn’t the first time Vince has had to deal with him. Remember the nWo? When Eric and Hollywood Hogan tried to put Vince and the WWF out of business. That time he became ‘the Boss’ and despite his own efforts found Stone Cold and forgave his prodigal son,

And what does he do to return the favour. Says the ‘n’ word is what…

So once again Vince has a Hogan shaped problem. This time racist. Can he reincorporate Hateful Hogan into a storyline for WWE going forward? Can he make the whole affair part of a work? Hateful Hogan is about to tweet something again.

Your move Vince…

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