What She Order? – Is Hip Hop Brunch London’s Long Overdue Rap Hub?

By Sumit Rehal

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As a hip hop head who spent his university years between 2008 and 2012, I found it a struggle to find a club event that played what I was into.

Every single weekly social was filled with the same old “Shorty got low low low low” or “I’m sexy and I know it” blaring through to the DJ’s speakers. There were never any real hip hop bangers or classics to provide the soundtrack to the prime party years of my life.

My mates and I would imagine what it would be like if we were raving it up when classics like California Love and The Next Episode first came out, the atmosphere must have been on another level! Instead we were left with the processed, diluted pop anthems of the modern era. In other moments, we found it a struggle to find even more purist hip hop hangouts to chill at where they would play classic Nas or A Tribe Called Quest.

The only places where I saw a balance of this music was in European cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin or across the pond in hip hop’s Mecca, New York. Here in London, there is never a balance of a hip hop themed popular promotion that draws both the heads and the general club goers.

When my mate mentioned that he had invited us to an event by a promotion called Hip Hop Brunch, I was dubious and assumed that it would hide behind the name hip hop but just play the same old Drake and Nicki Minaj. The one we went to was on a Saturday in Kilburn and the queue showed evidence that it was sold out. As I entered I prepared my eardrums for the sound of auto tune but was instantly surprised to hear the jazzy flow of Q-Tip as we were shown to our reserved table!

The whole first few hours were purely boom bap or g-funk filled, providing the perfect ambience for our group to get warmed up with the bar and our chicken burgers. As the third course of ice cream got finished with, the music got more club themed but still kept the hip hop energy with Wu-Tang’s Gravel Pit and DMX’s Party Up getting the energy amped up.

Big Boy Burgers Taken by Barima Photography (www.barima.co)

Big Boy Burgers
Taken by Barima Photography (www.barima.co)

As the tables were cleared, the party was on and the dance floor was rammed with good vibes. After a few more bevvies, we imagined ourselves to be top MCs and volunteered to take on Biggie’s Juicy on the Karaoke! We like to think we hit every bar word for word but the crowd knew all the lyrics too so they probably filled in half the gaps!

You could tell that proper thought went into the event as there was even a tattoo artist in the corner providing temporary hip hop themed tatts to the visitors. My mate felt like it was a good idea to get a tear drop under his eye to resemble The Game!

Taken by Barima Photography (www.barima.co)

If you don’t know now you know….
Taken by Barima Photography (www.barima.co)

The event eventually drew to a close and we all were already thinking of when we should go to the next one. We will be returning soon and might even head to one of their events in Berlin, which they seem to have a strongly growing market in. It’s great to know that London finally has a hub for those like me and my mates to hang out at.

Book your ticket for Hip Hop Brunch at hiphopbrunchldn.com. This weekend, they will be celebrating Carnival on both Saturday and Sunday, with special guest Kevin Lyttle appearing on their jam packed Sunday lineup!

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