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US rapper, Logic, will very soon be dropping his second studio album, The Incredible True Story. Due November 13th, the sci fi themed release will  accompany a motion picture set 100 years in the future. The motion picture stars Logic, voice actor,  Steve Blume (as Thomas), Anna Elyse Palchikoff (as Thalia) and Kevin Randolph (as Kai), as four survivors searching for paradise. The story goes that earth has disappeared and only 5 million people remain. The group are said to be listening to the album as they carry out their search.

To judge the album on it’s artwork and trailer (below) alone, you would naturally assume it to be far – out sounding. In a recent tweet though, Logic insists it will be “Nothing but positive vibes, a fun concept and good music!”. Already released from the album are the tracks Young Jesus (dropped September 22nd) and Like Woah (dropped October 14th). Young Jesus is throwback to the good ol’ days, made clear in the opening “This that 95 shit right here/ Take ’em back to the 90s!”. It packs classic punchlines and shows of braggadocio. The beat is also very 90’s. Like Woah is more of a bossa nova vibe, which relies less on its lyrical content and more on its overall Latin groove. This is joint for the bedroom, rather than Black Rob’s Whoa, which will get you thrown out of a club. 

Logic is producing the album with the help of  longtime friend and in-house producer, 6ix, and DJ Dahi. Dj Dahi is best known producing the Drake track, Worst Behaviour and Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar. He’s also done stuff for Lupe Fiasco, Mac Miller, Dr Dre, Lily Allen and Lupe Fiasco. For more info, hit up:

It’s been over a year now since Logic’s debut album Under Pressure, which hit shelves in October 2014. Critics recognised as it as a rites – of -passage piece which honed in on the challenges in Logic’s private life and rap career. As well as the title track, it spawned the dope single, Buried Alive. Buried Alive captures an existential crisis Logic was going through at the time. Rather than rapping about it quickly though, Logic instead  adopted a more laid back rhyme style, which lent itself greatly to central theme of slow dying. The album shot to #4 in the Billboard 200 at the time of release, with 72,00 copies sold in the United States alone.

Prior to Under Pressure, Logic released 4 mixtapes, beginning with Young, Broke & Infamous in 2010. The 3 mixtapes that followed  were all part of his Young Sinatra collection, including Young Sinatra:  The Undeniable and Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever.  In that collection Logic addressed such personal matters as his father’s drug abuse and getting kicked out of school. Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever, featured guest appearances with the likes of Jhene Aiko and Kid Ink. Thanks to the success of that collection and his first European Tour, Logic signed to Def Jam in 2013, and is now considered a rising star in the rap game.

For all his success though, getting there didn’t come easy. The Maryland rapper grew up to parents who were both drug addicts and alcohol abusers, while at school he failed every subject except English and was eventually expelled. Despite it all though, he was able to rise above his situation and pursue a music career. Embracing his tough beginnings, the 25 year old continues to make music with a positive message that encourages people to follow their dreams. The Incredible True Story shouldn’t prove any different.

For a flavour of what’s to come on his new album, peep Young Jesus and Like Whoa (below). Further examples of his work can be found on his Soundcloud page at:

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