Watchlist Wednesday: Onoe Caponoe, Spells from the Cyclops

By Anton Constaninou

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Watchlist Wednesdays is a variation on the usual Think Ahead Tuesdays theme. It brings news of new hip hop tracks/ gigs/ films, as well as hot gossip

A little something from the UK this week. If you like weird hip hop, look no further than Onoe Caponoe’s new album, Spells from the Cyclops.

Described on the High Focus  Records website as ” A funkadelic sperm…dwelling in an underground cellar”, Caponoe is Britain’s answer to  Kool Keith: a psychedelic rapper with a reach far beyond earth.

His roots may be in London, but Caponoe has a knack for rapping about everything but the urban experience. Space Bitches, Ghosts In Ma Hallway and Narnia On Pluto are just a few of bizarre subjects to get mention on his tracks.

After beaming down on rap for the first in 2011 with his debut lp, Central Control, Caponoe has gone from strength to strength as artist, broadening his horizons and expanding his universe.

Gig wise heralded his 2015 release, Voices From Plannet Cattele, as “hip hop’s answer to the dark side of the moon”.  It features the hugely spacey joint, Lord of the Light (below).

Last year he also dropped,  The Staircase To Nowhere: a  twilight zone inspired album, carrying Visions from Holysmoke and a Tale Of The Buble Lord.

Caponoe’s work has all the makings of afrofuturism: science fiction, magic realism, fantasy . Which is unsurprising when you consider that two of his biggest influences include former afrofuturists Sun Ra and George Clinton. Caponoe has merely repackaged the aesthetic.

Production on his albums comes from none other than Chemo, chief engineer for YNR productions and High Focus Records. Also known as Telemachus, the English DJ and Producer has done beats for Jehst, Kashmere, Verb T,  Kyza and been recognised as a pioneering figure in British music.

Spells From The Cylops drops April 29th. Pre order your copy now on I tunes. For a flavour of what’s to come, peep Ghosts In Ma Hallway part 2:

Alternatively you can follow him on Twitter.

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