VIDEO: Eazy E Has Dinner With George Bush Sr At The White House

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In March 1991, Eazy E was invited to have lunch benefiting the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle hosted by then-President George H. W. Bush

The party later admitted that this was a computer error but it was too late as the man from the east side of Compton already accepted his inviation! Watch the amusing footage

Eazy spoke about this whole affair a few years later.

“Hell no [I’m not a Republican], I don’t give a shit really. How could I do a song like ‘Fuck the Police’ and be a Republican? I guess you can really, but I don’t even vote. I just went cause those muthafuckers sent me an invitation. They pulled my name off the computer cause I give a lot of money to charities and stuff. Soon as I got there CBS and other news stations were all there askin’ how you guys gonna let him get in there. It was a whole big mess, on every station. I just wanted to go, see what they was talking about, just to see. I get home, everybody was like “Oh so you’re a Republican, blah blah.” Hell no, I ain’t no Republican. They was talking about the fuckin’ war and how this and how that, it was bullshit.”

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