Top 5 “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Promos

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Roddy Piper has left us with plenty of memories from his illustrious carer, but no doubt it would have been his one of a kind rants on the mic that have left the biggest impact has listed the Hall of Famer’s top five promos of all time. So grab the coconuts and have a trip down memory lane!

5. “I bounced the world on my little fingertips.”

So heading into a WrestleMania rematch at the Boston Garden in 1984, Piper almost explodes here with “Mean” Gene Okerlund interviewing him. Piper goes into why he is going into this match and why nobody thinks he can win, even though he’s taken out “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka at this point. Piper had a big mouth and wasn’t afraid to use it either. Okerlund’s comment about how somebody should check Piper’s blood pressure by the end of it was a nice touch. Again, Piper’s feud with Hogan helped launch both of the men into the wrestling stratosphere and became the cornerstone of the first WrestleMania.

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