Top 10 Mashups Of All Time – Ever Heard Snoop Dogg and AC DC in the same song?

By Caellin Rodgers

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Shameful secret here: I fucking love mashups. I have a whole playlist on YouTube dedicated to them when I can’t decide what to listen to (I’ll link it at the end, don’t16 worry).

I like the surprise of them, more than anything. Even mashups I’ve listened to repeatedly, it still surprises me when the second song’s lyrics come in over the first song’s intro/verse/chorus. The way two songs – often totally different – can work so perfectly over each other with minimal tweaking appeals to something creative in me. To be honest with you all, I was in two minds with what to do from this point in the article. I mean, the science half of me wanted to dissect a couple, explain chord choices and melody lines and why some songs work well in mashups and others either don’t or require more effort. The creative side of me won – so without further ado, here’s my top ten mashups so far:

10: Daft Punk vs Queen We Will Robot Rock You

Despite the creator having to significantly tweak Freddie’s vocal line to make this work, it’s quite a cool combination, and what I feel We Will Rock You would’ve sounded like if it had been written in the 2000s.

9: Nirvana vs Blur vs The White Stripes Smells Like Song 2 Nation Army

It’s the mashup we’ve always wanted. Aren’t these songs just perfect together?

8: Robin Thicke vs Justin Timberlake vs Lloyd Dedication to Blurred Sexyback Lines

These three are another example of songs that just work together – and who listens to any of these songs all the way through any more 😉

7: Queen vs Amy Winehouse Crazy Little Thing Called Rehab

I’m not entirely convinced she didn’t write the vocal line while listening to Queen

6: Bob Marley vs Soft Cell Is This Tainted Love

These shouldn’t work together but aren’t they magical?

5: Stevie Wonder vs Amy Winehouse Back to Life

It’s a shame they never got to sing together: beautiful.

4: Muse vs the Timelords Doctorin’ the Uprising

It’s the mashup you never wanted but have somehow always needed…

3: Misc. Royal Burn

I’m a huge fan of the as-many-songs-as-possible mashup. It’s efficient, and sometimes you don’t want to listen to all of a song, you just want the hooks – these sorts of mashups are full of them. This one is particularly smooth.

2: PSY vs Ghostbusters Gangnam Busters

What’s not to love? I’m sure Bill Murray would approve.

1: Queen vs AC/DC vs Outkast vs The Beatles vs Snoop & Dre vs Led Zeppelin vs Crowded House

This was awarded based on the smoothness of transitions, the sheer number of songs/artists and the fact that it’s constantly changing without feeling choppy.

Drop me a line if you’ve heard any great mashups of late! Here’s the extended playlist:

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