Think Ahead Tuesdays: Mick Jenkins Tour

By Anton Constantinou - @Aberrantin

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Chicagoan Poet and Hip Hop Artist, Mick Jenkins, is soon to embark on his first major world tour. Following a show in Denver today, he will soar to Brussels, Zurich, Berlin and London for a high energy series of back to back shows in October, accompanied by the likes of MIND, STWO, and the legendary KRS One.

Jenkins is a non conformist sort of rapper, known for his intricate lyricism and use of biblical allegories. In a game increasingly fuelled by money and material worth, he’s instead taken to rhyming about the environment, as evidenced on his mixtapes, Trees and Truths, The Waters, and more recently Wave[s]. With global warming ever looming, Jenkins’ discography is a telling reminder of man’s intrinsic link to the natural world.

On, Trees and Truth, for example, he explores the extent to which people’s beliefs are shaped by trees. Considered his most lyrical body of work, it moves from  a discussion around weed to a commentary on the proverbial tree of knowledge.The Waters follows a similar approach. Themes include being shipwrecked and dehydrated to seeking spiritual truth through clear urine. While Wave[s] may lack the same  introspection as the former two releases, it continues to demonstrate Jenkins’ artistic flexibility, as he lays down motivational vibes like Slumber and Get Up Get Down.

At 24, and three years into the game, the up and coming rapper stands only to prosper from his ongoing tour, further details of which can be found at the following site: If you haven’t already done so, familiarise yourself with his work now by checking out his Soundcloud page:




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