Think Ahead Tuesdays: Catch Action Bronson at Bestival 2015

By Anton Constantinou

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Gourmet chef turned rapper, Action Bronson is set to make an appearance at Bestival later this week. Known for his savage bars and quick wit, he’s fast becoming one of the best lyricists to emerge from New York in recent years

For those unfamiliar with his work,  this is a guy who went from fine dining to rhyme writing, following a domestic  injury which left him with a broken leg. Unable to maneuver his way  about the kitchen, he embarked on a rap career, and has since released three impressive studio albums in a short space of time.

First drop,  Dr Lecter – taking it’s name from the lead character in The Silence of the Lambs – is as fun as it is raw, combining filthy street talk with funky breakbeat and soul samples. On his follow up album, Well Done – released the same year- Bronson  adopted similar a formula,this time teaming up with Boston based producer Statik Selektah to bring us goofy humour over jazzy instrumentals. Recent release, Mr Wonderful – dropped only last March- marked his first major label breakthrough. Producers on board for it included, Mark Ronson and The Alchemist, with guest appearances ranging Chance The Rapper, Meyhem Lauren and Chauncy Sherod. Proving a commercial success, it spawned four big singles: Easy Rider, Actin Crazy, Terry and Baby Blue.

Given the striking similarity to their voices, many have likened Bronson to Ghostface Killah. The ongoing comparison between the two has caused continual feuding though. Recently on ESPN, Bronson hit out at the Wu Tang star, by claiming that he’s lost his mojo. Putting him in his place, Ghost responded, ” I wanna tell this fat fuck something. I gave you a grace period, nigga! I was supposed to destroy you a long time ago.”  Accepting defeat like a true gent, Bronson tweeted, ‘”When ur wrong ur wrong and I was wrong. I apologized for the comments. I’ll always be a stand up human. Much love.” But that’s just the guy he is- cocky, but compassionate.

His influences range Kool G RapNasCam’ronMobb DeepUGK. Given his preoccuption with rapping about food, some have even compared him to the great Notorious Big, who hit us with such punchlines as, “ Can fill you with real millionaire shit: escargot” or “So we can steam on the way to the telly, go fill my belly/ A T-bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch’s grape”. Bronson’s own culinary vernacular includes references to prosciutto, carpaccio and plum sauce. Our favourite example is the italian themed bar, “Extra virgin olive oil drizzled on the pasta / Fry the bacon, make it sizzle for the chazers”.  As the saying goes, you might be able to take the rapper out the kitchen, but you certainly can’t take the kitchen out the rapper. The nutter even has his own food channel on Vice (see below). Other such wacky subjects explored in his music include, professional bodybuildersfigure skating and sports betting.

Joining Bronson at this year’s Bestival are in the hip hop category are: Missy Elliot, Skepta, Wiley and Boy Better Know. Get your ticket now before it’s too late. For further details on the festival, click here.

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