The Wu Lab: Interview with Wu-Tang Exhibition Producer – Olivier Annet N’Guessan

By Sumit Singh Rehal

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The latest Wu-Tang project was released after years of anticipation from fans around the world. Killa Bees worldwide are giving their views on whether The Saga Continues upholds to the values past Wu-Tang projects with reports of a new direction in production.

While the Wu-Tang faithful awaited new projects, over 3000 fans attended the Wu Lab exhibition in Paris last year. This week long event featured exclusive merchandise, art, discussions, photographs and movies revolving the world of Wu-Tang.

Wu members themselves such as RZA and Cappadonna gave their blessings to the event with contributions. We had the opportunity to speak with the producer of the event, Olivier ‘Big O’ Annet N’Guessan, who also recently published a book that highlights the world of Wu in further detail.

What made you start the Wu Lab?

In 2015, I did an exhibition of the Canadian photographer, Zun Lee called Father’s Figure, in Paris. It was a nice event with good feedback and love from the audience. It was confidential and I loved the idea and I decided to move to a new step in the hip hop world.

I think a lot about some ideas and naturally I decided to do a tribute about the Wu-Tang. One of my best friends in the US is Mook, the ceo of the Wu-Tang management and I’ve been connected with some Wu Members since more than 15 years.

Big O with some of the collection. Photo by Arash Khaksari

Big O with some of the collection. Photo by Arash Khaksari

What is it about Wu-Tang that makes them so artistically unique compared with their counterparts?

The Wu-Tang is so powerful, with their logo and music influence. I initially thought about Mobb Deep, public enemy, etc but Wu-Tang had an amazing with New York, Shaolin, Beats, lyrics, 9 rappers

How did Paris respond to the exhibition?

The Paris exhibition was great. There was a lot of stress and love. I did it with a small team and close friends who helped me a lot. It was at La Place, the first hip-hop convention center in the world created by the city of Paris and they have in the executive direction with people like Agnès B. We did it in 11 days and around 3000 people cam from around the world.

I was so exhausted after but I loved what I did just with the love of hip hop. I understood also even if I have a 20 years of experience in the game that France is always a complicated country in terms of hip hop even we have the biggest hip hop scene in Europe and the second one in the world.

Wu-Tang's Cappadonna swinging by. Photo courtesy of Wu Lab

Wu-Tang’s Cappadonna swinging by. Photo courtesy of Wu Lab

Why did you decide to then make the book, what is special about this one and how does it feel now it’s complete?

There are a few words from RZA, Jim Jarmusch, The Ghost Dog, Gee Bee, Mook and Cappadonna.

It is my first book so I take it very personally, I could do it better and better but I’m so happy when I see props from all around the world and people telling me that’s they love it.

Watch this space as the Wu Lab look to expand into the UK next year.

Follow the Wu Lab exhibition on @wu_lab_exhibition.

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