The Shield vs The Freebirds – Which Trio Wins?

By Matt Vare - @Matt_Vare

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We debate who will come out on top if The Shield faced their predecessors, The Freebirds.

This specific match would pit possibly the best two, three man teams, in wrestling history. The two teams are from two completely different generations, but their styles would perfectly mesh to create an infinite amount of matches involving any two or more of the six men.

The Freebirds have definitely seen more of the world, facing a number of different 6 man tag teams, winning five 6-man tag team titles and 9 tag team titles, along with having some legendary feuds with the likes of The Von Erichs in Dallas during the 80’s, in a career spanning a decade before different incarnations of The Freebirds saw them through the next 5 years.

The Shield are much newer and lasted a total of 18 months as a unit, staying undefeated for 6 of those, and facing different variations of thrown together 6-man teams. The stable won just one tag title in their 18 months together, but ran rough shot over the WWE, acting as both The Authorities bodyguards and nemeses, while also doing work seemingly for CM Punk and Paul Heyman.

The Shield may not have lasted as long as The Freebirds but they hold victories over big names such as; Kane, Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk and a reunited Evolution.

Out of the two teams The Shield have had the better of the singles competitions, with Reigns main eventing Wrestlemania, Ambrose winning the US title and Rollins winning the US and WWE World titles. The only singles success that came The Freebirds way was Buddy Roberts winning the US title and Terry Gordy winning the UWF Heavyweight title.

The Freebirds were very much the journeymen of their generation, with them jumping from territory to territory for one reason or another. The Shield are however are the first of their generation, who seem to be emerging as the future of the business.

This feud could easily span 6 months or even a year, with an infinite number of available single, tag team and trio team matches. But this would end with an elimination tag team match, mixing the high-flying of Roberts and Rollins, the story telling and promos of Ambrose and Hayes, along with the power of Reigns and Gordy. This match would be an epic encounter, the best match of The Shields careers, and on par with The Freebirds matches against The Von-Erichs.

The winners of this feud, apart from the fans, are The Freebirds, with the order of elimination being Roberts, Ambrose, Gordy, Reigns then Rollins, with Michael Hayes standing tall. But the win wouldn’t be without controversy, with the cheating Freebirds getting the victory with a run in from the “4th Freebird” Jimmy Garvin, distracting Rollins leading to a Hayes low-blow and roll-up for the victory!

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