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In a world where the mainstream is dictated by advertising and money hungry corporations, we celebrate true talent by creating content that not only highlights your passion and support for culture but is food for thought for individuals that tend to go against the status quo.

After launching two years ago as an entertainment hub, we now have relaunched to highlight talent across music, culture and sports through exclusive interviews and features around the industry’s finest figures.

Highlight Nation was born out of frustration and dissatisfaction with what is regarded as popular culture. Time after time record labels, television executives and newspaper editors are telling us what to believe and what we should consider normal. We know we are not alone, there are many out there like us, who feel popular culture lacks culture. We want freedom to choose our own tastes, likes and displeasure, instead of the same regurgitated rubbish offered by current media outlets.

Our fight is long and difficult, yet our rebellion is a peaceful one. Alone we cannot win. Alone we will fail…but together we can push real talent that inspires instead of numbing the mind. Let’s stop this fake and manufactured so-called entertainment and support those artists that can produce better societies.

We seek to network with other rising groups that share the same mind set so we can grow together and be industry leaders in a new generation. Our team covers all ends of the spectrum, from spotlighting local institutions such as PROGRESS Wrestling to sitting down for a chat with music legends such as Run DMC.

Whether it is music or sport, we have a right to choose what we want instead of the same stale products being currently offered. We don’t let biased corporations tell us how to think. Tastes and trends are individual choices and if you cannot find it we will offer it. We are the voice of the unheard and if you can’t find something; someone out there feels just like you. Be proud to make a statement with your passion.

Join the cause. Join the fight. Join the Nation.

Highlight Nation…The Home Of True Talent.

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