The Importance Of Collaboration In Music

By Tommy Baird - @kortexiphankid

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As a musician, I think it is important to collaborate with other artists. Not only do you gain more experience with music (and social scenarios) It’s a way of pushing your music further, allowing it to possibly reach a much vaster majority of a different kind of music lover. If you are having trouble, maybe deciding which direction you want to take your next piece in, by working along side someone else you can listen to their opinion, using their ideas as input or inspiration. By collaborating, it can give your sound a completely different feeling depending on what your partner will be bringing to the table. This may include a different vocal ability, knowledge of an instrument or software. Right down to how the track is mixed and mastered. Some of my favourite pieces of music are the work of more than one person, keeping in mind that any music played as a ‘band’ is a collaboration as well. I love living in the age where you do not to have another person present to collaborate, bands like ‘The Postal Service’ sent music to one another using the postal service which then became one of my favourite albums ‘Give up.’ as well as justifying their band name.

Something you should note is how difficult it can be to make/have the time to collaborate with others. When, like me, you are required to work for a living (because of my need to eat) as well as having to schedule around everybody else’s busy lifestyles (because of their need to eat.) As much as I would love to be creative all the times, I have to admit that I only have so much brainpower I can use before I need to rest and recharge my batteries. One must deal with the fact that the human body is weak, I recalled seeing Andy several weekends ago with the intention of continuing our EP; ‘audible thoughts’. Though I ended up having to have an early night, the collaboration of a bottle of Dissarano and my terrible tolerance of alcohol was to blame.

It would be nice if the ideas I have in my head could be created without as much hassle as they do, its rare that everything falls perfectly into place.  But even with vast amounts of preparation, there is only so far you can go before you need/have to have the desired skill or talent to finish a piece. I cannot stress the fact that it can take hours and hours to produce even just one minute of music, and I’m sure no mathematician can total the amounts of thoughts I have had about music. I think Jamming is always fun but to be productive, I think its best to be prepared.

Although I had been using Logic Pro 9 to write the majority of my music, there was still a big part of me that just wanted to ‘jam’ with someone using live instruments. I managed to get some time with a friend I hadn’t seen in over four years. It felt so magical to just be creating sounds with another set of ears. Using trial and error, we could experiment using different sounds to see which would fit together like pieces of a puzzle. I knew this was only the start of what we would create, but I was looking forward to see what would happen next. I had a lot of ideas in my head not just ideas for songs but who I wanted to help me with what skill they had but the only way to do this, to get busy and start making some calls.

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