The Divas Revolution: Does Charlotte Have What It Takes?

By Gina Daniel - @ginadaniel

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Night of Champions saw Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte, take the Diva’s Championship from the now longest reigning Diva to hold it, Nikki Bella. Charlotte’s rise to fame in the WWE universe, through her reign as the NXT champion, and through name alone, has singled her out as what Michael Cole describes as the most “athletically gifted” Diva.

Cole had previously mentioned that she was “bred” for this industry, and continues to praise her excellence. But how long will Charlotte last? It seems as though she has some big boots to fill over the next couple of weeks/months. With Paige this past Monday on RAW turning her back on Charlotte and Becky Lynch, is there a crack in team PCB? And if so, can the remaining members still manage to take on Team BAD and Team Bella?

These aren’t the only thing the new Champion should be worried about, however. This past year has seen an uprising in women wrestlers in NXT. Women such as Sasha Banks and Bayley are both technically gifted in the ring and can both work a crowd. There is definitely a revolution cracking the surface of the division, the question is, can Charlotte hold the title, live up to the expectation of being The Nature Boy’s daughter, and be the role model the young viewers deserve?

Despite Nikki Bella’s “mean girl” attitude, she embodied herself as a role model for the younger girls watching WWE, she continually proved that she could be a strong female wrestler, but also be who she wanted to be/look how she wanted to look. Charlotte has this role to fill, and expectations to meet from her youngest fans. Only time will tell if she has what it takes to run the Diva’s division and keep the revolution alive…

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