The Briefcase Speaks – From The Heart

By Chirag Upadhyay 

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Like Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk and Ricky Steamboat, The Briefcase has never had its Wrestlemania moment. And because nothing of note happened this week on the Road to California, it’s time for The Briefcase to speak from the heart

The Briefcase is excited. Not because Sting came back, and alongside Orton 3:16, thwarted the Authority taking revenge. Not because AxelMania is running wild or because the Bushwhackers are being inducted to the Hall of Fame. No, The Briefcase is excited because it has a holder to live up to its own prestige. It has a holder that can deliver the goal The Briefcase has strived for since its first introduction to WWE in 2005. The Briefcase has a chance to fulfill its destiny.

It has a man who turned the cheers of his hometown crowd of Iowa into jeers with a few toxic words. It has a man who has the strategy of a chess grandmaster, who has already made John Cena beg for the return of The Authority, and shown the will to break an icon’s neck or Orton’s skull. A man who put together the greatest faction in WWE history and then when the time was right dismantled it with a chair shot that snapped of the backs of his brothers, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. The Briefcase has The Architect.

The Briefcase has been ready, and now it has The Architect, the future, who is also ready, and together The Briefcase will not only have its Wrestlemania moment but it will make history. The first cash in on the show of shows. The confetti will fall. Roman Reigns will celebrate a winner, but The Beast will not leave quietly. F5! F5! F5! Three times to the new champ. And then The Briefcase will appear, to headline number 31 with the cash in, and to anoint the one to beat the one that beat the one in twenty one.

All hail, The Next Wrestlemania Moment. All hail, Seth Rollins. All hail, The Briefcase.









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