Straight Outta Nottingham: Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage give rappers a run for their money

By Anton Constantinou - @Aberrantin

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What’s the first city that springs to mind when you think of UK hip hop?

Just in the same way that New York is the epicentre of US rap, so too has London come to dominate the British scene.  Everyone from Kano to Klashnekoff  has emerged from the big city, but two Nottingham based artists are currently bucking that trend.

Juga-Naut and Vandal Savage represent hip hop in it’s purist form: hard bars, raw beats and no frills music videos. With a chemistry not too dissimilar to Taskforce, the talented duo have so far made impressive strides north of the country.

Juga-Naut is something of a renaissance man: a emcee, producer and sound engineer who both writes and  composes his own music. He’s collaborated with Wretch 32, opened stages for  Rakim and Big Daddy Kane,and now boasts an international following. Building on his Bandcamp releases he’ll very soon be dropping his debut album, Time & Place- which saw it’s title track released back in 2014.

Savage also has a new LP on the cards. Kings (below) is the latest installment from his debut album, G.O.D.S. It’s gritty, boom bap instrumental draws close similarities with the early work of Black Moon, who stepped on the scene in ’93 with Enta da Stage. Back in 2012, Savage teamed up with ‘Naut on the  mixtape, Marvelous Wordsmiths, to make, what was then the pair’s first proper dent in the game.

For all the latest news, pictures, music, videos on the Notts duo, hit up ‘Naut’s page now.


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