Sting’s WWE career Scorpion Death Dropped?

By David Travers - @GuannacoTRAVERS 

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Focus on the build up to Sting’s final run in the business

After teasers started airing about the stinger’s arrival in the WWE Universe through a variety of different media, first starting on February 19th 2014 when, Bill Apter a well known professional wresting journalist wrote a piece about Sting’s career  on and later video footage appeared on Raw for WWE 2K15. This sparked huge speculation as to whether ‘ The Franchise of WCW’ had actually signed with the WWE.

After refusing to join the company back  when they purchased World Championship Wrestling (WCW) back in 2001 Sting moved to various wrestling promotions before settling in Total Nonstop Action (TNA), where he wrestled there for over a decade (2003-2014).

He had a lengthy run in the wrestling promotion TNA. Capturing  5 heavyweight championship reigns, one reign as a tag team champion. He also had memorable moments in TNA such as becoming the eldest champion in the promotion, feuding with up and coming star Ethan Carter III. Joining the state of former world champions known as The Main Event Mafia lead by Kurt Angle  and feuding with Jeff Jarrett and having a great match at their annual Lockdown Pay-Per-View in the traditional  four on four Lethal Lockdown match in a winning effort.

Sting made a shocking appearance, and aided Team John Cena in defeating The Authority at Survivor Series, by distracting Rollins and allowing Ziggler to get the pin.

Sting squared off against HH in a face to face confrontation, before challenging him to a match at WrestleMania. To add more excitement to the match there were involvement from both DX and The NWO. HHH emerged victorious thus putting the WWE/WCW feud to rest.

Sting appeared on RAW following the RAW after WrestleMania, in an interview segment as RAW went off the air with Rene Young, and talked about  how whatever opportunities WWE give him he will take.

He then had his first title shot in the company against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions, in a losing effort and suffered a serious neck injury during the match that put the rest of his run in the WWE in doubt.

I feel that Sting’s run in the WWE was over before it even took off, as he jobbed to HHH at WrestleMania, a term that is used to describe a wrestler who is used as a weaker wrestler to make their opponent look stronger. In my opinion I really liked the match it had me on edge from the ring of the bell to the decisive pin fall. Although, the outcome annoyed me with the whole Vince hating on WCW.

I didnt like Sting receiving a title shot as he is getting old, and Rollins carried the match, and with Sting having to take a time out to receive treatment it was already a match we knew the outcome of. I mean Rollins did get an unclean victory over Sting, by grabbing his singlet to gain leverage. It wasn’t a very good main event.

Sting’s injury puts his mania match in doubt that should single the end of The Vigilante’s wrestling career by having him face The Undertaker, but now I am unsure of whether we will see Sting lace up his boots one more time.


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