When I Say Honey: 5 “rappers” who should never have graced the mic

By Anton Constantinou

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A middle aged woman is not exactly the sort of person you expect to see rapping, but newcomer, Honey G, has defied the odds to make a name for herself in the music business. Not that it’s a good name.

The former tennis player from Harrow, London, looks utterly ridiculous in a cap and sunglasses. However, that hasn’t stopped her going on X Factor and attempting to cover 2pac’s hit classic, California Love. Some have described her as a modern day blackface; others as “David Cameron in disguise”.  Either way, she needs to get back to her day job: running a recruitment company.

Real name, Anna Gilford, she’s one in a number of people who should never have embarked on a hip hop career.  Here are some of the worst:

Lady Sovereign

She may have put out several top 75 UK singles in her heyday, but Lady Sovereign is still wack.

Once named England’s fourth biggest chav, she’s embarrassed both on and offstage, most notably at Parklife Festival (Brisbane) in 2009, where she was arrested for assault along with drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Vanilla Ice

Let’s be honest, his career has pretty much frozen over since Ice Ice Baby. And even that contained a bassline which he didn’t credit Queen or David Bowie for.

In 2009, he announced that he’d signed to a new label, only to leave it soon after. More recently he appeared on Dancing with the Stars alongside Witney Carson. He may have the moves, but he certainly doesn’t have the bars.

Ant and Dec

“Watch us wreck the mic”. And “wreck” the mic they certainly did with the release of their signature single, Lets Get Ready To Rumble.

The success of UK TV presenters, Ant and Dec, is undisputed. But as far as hip hop goes, they were “straight up provin” nothing.

Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

Given that his reading skills have been called into question, you’d naturally assume the boxer would steer well clear of rhyming. Quite the contrary. Hence the song, Yep – which packs about as much punch as a skinny mocktail.

John Cena

As painful as it is to include a wrestler in this list, we simply can’t overlook John Cena’s tragic attempt at a hip hop career. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion basically tried to carry over his arrogant persona into music, only to come off sounding like a steroid pumped goon.  His songs include the WWE theme song Basic Thuganomics and The A-Team inspired cheese track, Bad Bad Man.


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