Samoa Joe’s WWE Run And Fantasy Booking

By David Travers - @GuannacoTRAVERS

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Samoa Joe is in the WWE. This article will look at Samoa Joe’s arrival in the WWE and my fantasy booking of the veteran in the company.

Samoa Joe debuted for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) on June 19th 2005 at TNA’s annual Pay-Per-View (PPV) Slammiversary where he defeated Sonjay Dutt, where he was given the nickname ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ by announcer Mike Tenay.  This marked the beginning of Joe’s 18 months undefeated streak. His first title match was at the PPV Unbreakable in a triple  threat against fellow wrestlers Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles, although Joe did not win the title he was not pinned so therefore remained undefeated.

Joe then defeated AJ Styles at the Turning Point PPV, to win his first X Division reign and fist belt in the company.  Joe held the title for 91 days before dropping the title to Daniels  in an Ultimate X match, he won the belt back on April 10th by defeating Daniels. Joe then lost the title for the second time in a triple threat match this time against Sonjay Dutt and Senshi (formerly Lowki), with Senshi picking up the victory and the belt by pinning Dutt with Scott Steiner interfering in the match and laying Samoa Joe out with a steel chair.

Joe not only had a chance at retribution against Steiner  but a chance to capture the NWA Heavyweight title, in a fatal- 4 way match including Sting and Christian Cage, Joe unfortunately did not win the match, as Sting pinned Steiner for the  win.

Samoa Joe’s undefeated streak came to an end at the hands of ‘The (Only) Olympic Gold Medalist (in professional wrestling)’ Kurt Angle, who made his debut, Joe wrestled Angle at the Genesis PPV on  November 19th 2006 in a losing effort, tapping out to Kurt’s Ankle Lock.

Before leaving the company on February 25th 2015 he, Joe had managed to win 2 Tag titles,  1 Heavyweight title reign  3 more X Division tiles (5 in total) and 1 Television tile.

On may 25th 2015, Joe signed with WWE and their developmental company NXT. Joe was only going to appear part time, but due to his merchandise selling incredibly well WWE decided to sign him on a full time basis.He debuted on June 10th in a winning effort against Scott Dawson who he would later face again in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Joe then went on to wrestle  Kevin Owens in their only match  that ended in a no contest. He then wrestled former NFL Offensive Guard turned pro wrestler Baron Corbin at the PPV NXT Takeover: Brooklyn in a winning effort via submission making Corbin tap out to the Korkina Clutch (Rear naked choke).He then would go onto win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with Finn Balor at the PPV NXT Takeover: Respect PPV on October 7th.

Sadly I do not see Samoa Joe proceeding to the main roster,  as there I do not see any good feuds for him except maybe against Brock lesnar however, I do not see that being booked by the WWE. I see Joe staying in NXT helping the talent there and maybe later becoming an producer or even at trainer at the NXT Fitness Centre.

I personally feel that the move to WWE was a bad move for Joe, as great a wrestler as he is, I feel that TNA allowed him to be free as he was pulling off moves such as the Ole’ kick, when an opponent is against the barrier or guardrail, joe would run at then and diving kick them further backwards as they try and move towards him. Diving over the top rope  his multiple variations  of suplexs,  folding power bomb combo into a submission move. I just feel that in WWE they are focusing more on Joe being a submission specialist and getting rid of his aggressive style that he had in TNA that made Joe such force.

If I was Samoa Joe I would of kept on the indie circuit such as Ring Of Honor.

*Here is my fantasy booking for Joe if he would then progress to the main roster*

Samoa Joe and Finn Balor, continue to team together for a while, challenging The Vaudevillians for the titles,  the match ends in a DQ victory for the Vaudevillians as Enzo and Cassidy attack the Vaudevillians. Joe and Balor then face Enzo and Cassidy for the number one contenders match in a best of 3 match series for the right to face The Vaudevillians for the titles. Joe and Balor win the series 2-1.

In the build up to the tag match at an NXT tapped event.  Both Joe and Balor wrestle a member of the Vaudevillians each, Joe wins his match via submission, where as Joe “accidentally” costs Balor the match by distracting the ref. At first it looks like an accident but Joe makes it clear that he wants to be NXT Heavyweight Champion one day.  Even to go as far as getting Balor disqualified in a non title match against Apollo Crews by attacking Crews.

So NXT Takeover: London passes and Balor a bit weary of Joe and his recent actions, and gets the crowd guessing what Samoa Joe’s true intentions and goals are..

Balor successfully defends his title against Crews. At the next NXT tapped event, Joe and Balor challenge The Vaudevillians for the titles. Half way through match Joe and Balor look to be closing in on victory, Balor climbs the turnbuckle and is ready to hit the Coup De Graces on Gotch. English  noticing a bit of a rift between Joe and Balor and knocks Joe into the turnbuckle that Balor is on and Balor falls off with Joe down The Vaudevillians take advantage and hit Balor with the Whirling Dervish for the win.

After the match, Balor grabs the mic and  yells at Joe for costing them the match and the opportunity they have at winning the tag titles, Joe tries to explain what happened but Balor storms off  leaving Joe in the ring. The two get another shot at the tag titles, but this time Balor leaves Joe halfway through the match and once against Joe and Balor are unable to gain the titles.

They then have a confrontation  and Balor puts his title on the line at the next takeover event. The Match ends in a double count out William Regal then comes out and demands the match be restarted,. Joe wins the match delivering the Muscle Buster to Balor and winning the title. Balor turns heel and attacks joe on the NXT tapped event after takeover and the rematch ends in a DQ victory for Balor as Joe refuses to break the Kokina Clutch, even though Balor has made it to the ropes.

Balor then gets called up to the main roster Joe appears at the top of the ramp during Balor’s debut match on RAW. Despite Joe’s presence Balor wins his debut. Joe claps and raises the title before walking away. Balor then challenges Joe to a match on RAW for one more shot at the title. Just as Joe is about to beat Balor again. Brock lesnar enters the ring, running down the entrance Ramp and giving Joe an F-5, disqualifying Balor and Joe Keeps the title.

Joe defends his title on NXT against Tyler Breeze, and Paul Heyman appears distracting Joe, Breeze pulls off the victory. Joe then gets up and takes the mic and says to Heyman, Brock wants a piece of me? You can tell Brock Lesnar he better be ready.Joe makes his second appearance on RAW, and on his way to the ring is taken out by Lesnar who then delivers another F-5 leaving Joe motionless.

Joe does not appear on NXT, but appears next week on Raw and challenges Brock to a match at Fastlane, Brock accepts, well heyman accepts on Brock’s behalf. So the match is set The Samoan Submission Specialist vs The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. It is a nail bitingly close match, both men using their strength to their advantage  in the end  Joe counters Brock’s F-5 and locks Brock in the Kokina Clutch and Brock is about to tap out when Heyman distracts the ref and Brock cheats to win and gets an dirty victory over Joe.

They wrestle again at mania 32, and this time Joe submits Lesnar and on Raw after WrestleMania, says his time in WWE is done he has done what he needs to do, win the NXT Heavyweight Championship and defeat Brock Lesnar, confusing the fans leaving them to ponder is this the last time we will see Samoa Joe in the WWE? Or is this just a teaser and he will make a return as a heel like the turn he went through in NXT. He announces via Twitter that he is done in the WWE although his time was short he accomplished everything he want to achieve in the company.

Joe goes onto become a trainer / producer for NXT.

*That’s my fantasy booking for Samoa Joe.*

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