Review: ‘Pretty Girls’ – Iggy Continues To Stand Out…Of Place

By Madhura Anandarajah

So for most of us, Britney’s return to the stage introduced us to some mixed feelings. Maybe it was the awful performance she gave on the USA X factor a couple of years ago; emotionless feedback and just in general, incredibly boring

Suffice to say our high expectations of the former pop princess plummeted alongside the Backstreet boys comeback and the one night NSYNC reunion.

Let’s be fair. Britney managed to hold onto great success longer than most; her music style did a 180 from her young innocent teenage bubble-gum pop about heartbreak (and doing the heart-breaking too-‘oops I did it again’ anyone?). She managed to write feisty songs critiquing the media and her representation, pinned down a very personality-oriented musical style which we ate up. It presented her personal life on a silver platter after all, not much ‘in-between the lines reading’ was necessary.

Fast forward a few years of some musical silence she decides on collaboration alongside Iggy Azalea, an artist who neatly splits opinions in two. We’ve all heard the race argument ‘white trying to be black’ and whether that has any validity to it is questionable. We simply enjoy beating down any new contender trying to make it in a genre that does not fit the accepted image we have of those who have previously carried it. A Black Country singer in the top 10 billboard charts-still waiting for that one to happen. Still, her talent itself has been contested, personally I am confused. Her single ‘Fancy’ pushed all the right buttons hitting parody and throwback in an entertaining and humorous manner. Then the verses she dishes out in numerous songs including her feature in Rita Ora’s ‘Black Widow’ and you cannot believe the basic levels of the lyrics.

So questionable feature aside, the song pops out of nowhere and we are introduced to the over-exaggerated valley girl lifestyle with an older Britney and a dubious rapper. Who else can name a number of rappers who are more credible and probably willing to jump on a track with a former pop princess? Perhaps it was the aim of women power (‘pretty girls’-duh), who doesn’t love a good pinch of feminism? In this case though, I would venture a guess that it did more damage than good.

Let’s break it down. Britney, while ageing gracefully, is visibly older than her rapping counterpart. This is only a distraction however because we are incredibly aware of how she used to look. We know her golden years and we loved witnessing them therefore seeing an idol age can be somewhat cringe-worthy and almost sad. Let’s move onto the actual song away from the train wreck of the video. As a lyrical enthusiast, I should inform you that ‘Pretty Girls’ is as deep as Nicki’s ‘Anaconda’. You feel your brain cells dying if you attempt to find meaning within these lines. Let’s face it though, the song isn’t meant to be meaningful, it is supposed to be catchy. Catchy enough to justify a happy billboard top 10 entry. Is it justified? There is a hell of a lot of blonde bimbo going on and unless you are wasted, you will not be singing the song in public without turning vermilion red. Interesting fact; Little Mix-a British girl band authored the song but decided trash it-not surprised. I AM surprised that it was picked out of there by the pop princess.

Needless to say; I am not a fan. Catchy? Why yes, but too obviously riding its hopes of success on their names rather than actual talent.

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