Review: Bronson Brings The Action To London

By Rajen Patel

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It’s not every day you get to travel down to Camden to see a former gourmet Chef turned rapper from Queens, New York tear down the roof of Roundhouse in an explosive concert for his fans. The curiosity was too much for me not to attend.

Action Bronson treated us to a special performance last night as he continues to tour the UK performing songs from his latest studio album ‘Mr. Wonderful’. The Albanian rapper is known for a number of different talents, and it was a treat to see one that he utilises so well.

With The Alchemist behind the decks and friend Mayhem opening the show the crowd was buzzing for Bronson to make his presence known on stage. Now for anyone who is familiar with the ‘Fuck That’s Delicious’ star, he can be quite then entertainer when it comes to performing. We’ve seen antics such as leaving the concert hall to grab a 3 piece chicken meal shirtless before and not to mention his most famous stunt of going for a bathroom break half way through his set whilst continuing to rap all the way through.

Unfortunately we weren’t treated to a show that wild however we got to see him play Santa has he brought out a massive box full of treats onto the stage and start throwing them out into the crowd, along with his trainers. There were some happy fans going home that night with brand new apple watches, limited edition Rice Crispies cereal and my personal favourite, Nature Valley Granola Bars.

The performance itself had so much energy, with the crowd constantly throwing their hands up in the air to tunes such as Actin’ Crazy, Baby Blue, Easy Rider and finishing the show with his verse from A$AP Rocky’s ‘1 Train’.

The overall experience was insane and I would recommend anyone who has the chance to go, don’t pass up on the opportunity! As he continues his tour of the UK find the rest of the dates here and get your tickets now!

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