Return Of The Mac! Vince McMahon Regains Control In Creative

The Briefcase Speaks By Chirag Upadhyay 

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He’s back.

Vince McMahon, after his hibernation post Wrestlemania had woken up, and he wanted to put on a show again. Catching up on the WWE content pushed out under his name on the WWE network (It’s only $9.99, unless you’re in the UK, Vince!) Vince was heard to scream and shout just days before the Battleground PPV.

First he learned someone was trying to kill his cash cow, Cena. And it wasn’t the pre decided Roman Reigns but some fat Canadian. Vince got straight on that phone. Screamed as only he can until Triple H begged for mercy.

‘Bye bye Kevin Owens.’ Vince said to himself, before grinning, ‘bye bye Triple H.’

Job done Vince sat back down to watch the weekly RAWs where he gnarled like a foaming dog on seeing Cesaro was being pushed again and going explicitly against his prophetic words.

‘HOW DARE YOU!’ And just like that Cesaro has been booked to team up with Adam Rose next week to put over Los Matadores.

‘That Mexican PG market is money.’ Vince said to himself shaking his head in disappointment at Triple H who sat in the corner with his head bowed.

‘Rollins is still champ.’ Vince said visibly shaking in anger as he sat on his sofa trying to stop the buffering on the network. Where did his golden boy go he wondered…

‘Get me Cena!’ He shouted at a still petrified Triple H. Vince smiled thinking Cena deserves another push. And as Vince basked in his own perma-tan glow, he had the Summerslam moment. The one never to be forgotten.

‘Yes Vince.’
‘You’re coming back!’
‘Wrestlemania 32?’
‘No buts.’
‘I’m still injured boss. I’m in constant pain.’
‘Yeah yeah yeah, I have an idea. You’re coming for revenge…On Lesnar.’
‘Please I beg you, no.’
‘Man up, Mark.’
‘But he’ll kill me.’
‘This is money. Money never killed anyone.’
‘What about my body?’
‘I own your body. You’re going to suplex city. We need to sell more t-shirts. You know I came up with that. And that idiot son in law of mine, he’s made a mess.’
‘I will die.’
‘Come on Mark. Get your hat on. You’re showing up tomorrow. Battleground main event. I promise he won’t lay a finger on you until the summer. Then it’s the end.’
‘Okay, for you Vince.’
‘Good. Now I need to sort out this Diva thing…’

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