Referendum Recollection: Geto Boys, Point Of No Return

By Anton Constantinou

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The unthinkable has happened. The UK has actually left the EU. In a pivotal moment in British history, the EU referendum finished 52% in favour of a brexit, with the vast majority of northern England going against as the Prime Minister’s wishes. No surprise then that David Cameron will step down come October


But speaking as a Londoner, this wasn’t the result I expected. In fact the majority of the capital voted to stay in. It follows that today’s flashback piece carries with it a sentiment of change and new beginnings; a journey into the unknown.

When Geto Boys dropped Point of No Return in 1996, it was almost like they saw a Brexit coming. “Infect your neighborhood with this drug called hate/ Ish out your income and control y’all fate” cuts right to heart of the project fear campaign put out by the In camp: an ideology which, I hate to say, may have cost us the referendum.

For those embittered by this morning’s announcements, may this song carry with you for the rest of the day.

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