Who Is The Real Face Of The WWE Divas Division?

Paige AJ LEE
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Article written by Highlight Nation’s affiliate contributor Victoria Tezangi. Catch her on @TezangiVictoria for more in depth articles! Remember to VOTE at the bottom of this article on who you believe is the real face of WWE’s Divas division!

Over the years the, WWE has seen some truly amazing female talent. Women that would go on to inspire a generation, make achievements that they never thought they could and make history in one of sports entertainments biggest companies. Women such as Lita, Trish Stratus, Mae Young, Beth Phoenix and Chyna spring to mind when on this topic as they are all female pro wrestlers that would go on to earn the right to be called the face of their division. But with a change being evident in recent years, what does it take to be the face of the WWE Divas division? Who is having the most impact in the business? And who is the real face of the division today?

If we go back in history, the importance of female pro wrestlers in the WWE has been an interesting journey. There was a time where female wrestling was at an all time high, this was a time where Lita, Trish Stratus, Victoria, Torrie Wilson and many more were making an impact. It’s crazy to think that ten years ago Lita and Trish would go on to main event Monday night RAW for the Women’s championship when these days the Divas struggle to get ten minutes of wrestling time. Regardless of the air time they get, there has always been a face of scene. That one Diva who sticks out more than any other. The women who has the look, the voice, the wrestling ability and connection with the fans. Over recent years girls like the Bells twins and AJ Lee have been considered the flagship Diva but taking a deeper look into the roster who is the real star?

WWE have shown great faith in the very unique AJ Lee since day one. From her early moments in NXT, the WWE universe have adopted a love for the life long wrestling fan. Her genuine passion and different style has proven to be a huge hit with the fans around the world and the company itself has shown great love for her. Since coming up to the main roster, AJ has played a huge role in major storylines with top superstars such as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Kane. She was also put in a faction with former World champion Dolph Ziggler and former Intercontinental champion Big E. Her involvement with these storylines and superstars has led to her gaining a big following and given her opportunities that no other Diva has had in many years.

This includes being part of main events, being the Diva with the most merchandise and becoming the RAW general manager. It was only last year she was apart of one of the biggest Divas storylines in recent years alongside Kaitlyn, as the two participated in the first divas contract signing on SmackDown and had an amazing one on one match up for the Divas Championship at Battleground of that year, which saw AJ pick up her first title on the main roster. From that point onwards AJ Lee has been on out TV week after week, becoming the longest reigning and  Three Time Divas Champion. AJ has earned the right to be called one of the best WWE Divas in history and possibly the face of her division. However when Total Divas began airing on the E! Network a new bunch of Divas were thrown into the spotlight and AJ’s title as the face of the division began to be questioned by some of the fans and the company.Highlight Nation Women Banner

It was then that Divas such as Nikki and Brie Bella began to shine, as the twins were made the face of the reality show. With the success of Total Divas, Nikki in particular and the rest of the cast began to get much more air time and we began to see more Divas match ups, at one point we had three in one night. Despite it being so heavily criticised, no one can deny the simple fact that Total Divas has opened many doors for the WWE’s female talent and has given them a lot more storyline and wrestling time. With the show becoming more and more popular, the WWE universe began to look more so at the other Divas on the roster and as a result the WWE gave the cast of total divas a lot more TV time and put them in a storyline with the champion AJ. Of all the cast members it was the Bella twins who gained the most popularity.

Over the past year the two have been involved in big storyline’s including a feud with Stephanie McMahon, which saw Brie go one on one with her at one of the biggest PPVs of the year, SummerSlam. Their merchandise page on the WWE shop has risen and the two share a collection of several t-shirts, wristbands, posters and more. They regularly attend awards, make comic con appearances, are featuring on PPVs and every episode of either RAW, Smackdown, Superstars or Main event.

Nikki Bella has had a huge heel turn at SummerSlam and is now feuding with her twin sister Brie. She has also had a shot at the championship at Night of champions where she competed against AJ Lee and Paige, she defeated her sister at Hell in a Cell and will face AJ at Survivor Series for the title. She has the look and is showing to have an impressive wrestling ability with strength on her side, which to be honest we haven’t seen from her before. Both Nikki and Brie received the Slammy Award last year for Diva of the Year despite neither of them holding the championship.

If we look at the actual difference in wrestling ability, there isn’t much of a difference between AJ Lee and the Bella twins. It is just the simple fact that we have seen more of AJ in the ring than we have of them over the years. While Nikki has strength on her side AJ has speed and of course that killer submission. But if the wrestling ability is what really makes the face, then why aren’t we talking about women like Naomi and Natalya? Two women who hands down have the best wrestling ability, skill and athleticism but just like with the WWE superstars, we have to also look at character and mic skills.

To be fair, the Divas haven’t really had much mic time over the years but hands down the best talker is AJ. I’m sure most of you will remember her monster of a promo on the Total Divas cast last year. She proved that she is a confident speaker with a natural flow. Her character challenges the original stereotype of a WWE Diva. She connects with both Male and Female fans. What I love about her is her genuine passion for wrestling and what she does.She isn’t here to look good and go to fancy events, she’s here to entertain and wrestle.

However, with new, young and fresh Divas making their way up to the main roster, are things changing when it comes to the face? This year alone Paige and Emma have debuted on the main roster with Paige in particular has made huge huge impact. The Brit has already become a two times divas champion by defeating AJ the night after Wrestlemania to capture the title. She has gone on to compete for or defend the championship on ever PPV since May and has been announced as the latest cast member for Total Divas alongside Alicia Fox. Is Paige making her way up to being the face of the divas division? Her different look has proven to be a huge hit with the WWE universe, after following her career for quite some time now, I know there is plenty more to see of the “Anti-Diva”.

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