A Rapper With A Lot More To Give: Future Steps For Kyle Bent

By Anton Constantinou

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Kyle Bent’s new album, Complex Simplicity, is odds on to drop any day now. Initially destined for a September 19th release, it features the poignant track, Rotten Apple Seeds, as well as Visions and Goals.

Bent, 19, hails from Massachusetts – the state which gave us Reks, Termanology, and the late Scientifik. Originally from Jamaica, he has over 25 songs to his name, not to mention several albums and mixtapes.

2012’s Bent Rules is pretty avant-garde as far as hip hop goes, with its discordant beats combining elements of reggae and gospel. Dreams of a God is much the same, only more spacey sounding. Ideas of rising up and expanding one’s horizons are cleverly disguised as hallucinogenic trips: “We living for them sleepless nights/ Up chasing dreams/ Up late and schemin/ Tryna break the ceiling (High Life)/“The power that was in my mind/ Could turn that water into wine (Perspective)”.

Higher Power – which we touched on back in February – is one of the album’s stand out tracks, namely for its smooth beat and double time rapping. Seven month’s on, Bent is still on the come up, only this with more gigs and music videos behind him.

So what can we expect from Complex Simplicity? If the title is anything to go on, curious contradictions. Rotten Apple Seeds would certainly appear to suggest that. Although jolly sounding on a first listen, it takes on some big topics, including sexism, race wars, and the human condition. But these are exactly the themes which make Bent so refreshing to listen to. Lets hope for more of the same.


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