Rap Up Warm: 7 Cold Christmas Chillers

By Anton Constantinou

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Often the first which springs to mind when you think “winter music” are Christmas anthems.

December is always dominated by carol singing and sleigh bell ringing. As soon as the first of the month hits, it’s jingle all the way until the 25th, by which stage you’re sick to the teeth of Frosty The Snowman playing on the radio.

Hip hop’s offering of festive hymns spans the thoughtful to the downright ridiculous. Christmas in Hollis is a stroke of genius, and Ludacrismas, bundles of fun, but Jingle Bellz by Juelz Santana & Starr is diabolical. Let’s not forget Merry Muthaf—in Xmas by Eazy-E, quite possibly the most despicable rendition of a classic song.

Weather wise, however, the real mood setters are the songs which make you think of dark days and cold nights. Where sombre lyrics and melancholic beats combine in a gloomy portrait of sadness, loss, suffering and hard times. Here are seven of the bleakest:

Blackstar – Respiration ft. Common

Chiller line: “Breathin’ in deep city breaths, sittin’ on shitty steps/
We stoop to new lows, hell froze the night the city slept.”

GZA – Cold World

Chiller line: “Shit is deep on the block and you got me locked down/
In this cold, cold world.”

Apathy – The Winter

Chiller line: “I can see frost in the corner of my window sills/ Dirty crib, blunt guts
where the endow spills.”

Foreign Beggars – On A Winter’s Day

Chiller line “I walk around with my thoughts in the sky/ Cos the future looks bleak, sometimes it forces me to cry.”

Verb T – Winterland ft Syanide & Jehst

Chiller line: “And I’m praying that one day, maybe/ A cold breeze will come and take this away from me.”

Ludacris- Cold Outside

Chiller line: “Man, I can hear that wind blowing, You say it don’t get cold in CP/ Well niggas it’s been snowing.”

Drake – Come Winter

Chiller line: “The Winter cars come out, the summer cars go in/ And some places is breezy, and some it start snow-ing”

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