Old School Saturdays: When Pelle Pelle leather jackets were all the rage

By Anton Contstaninou

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Old School Saturdays celebrates everything old skool and timeless about hip hop: classic tracks,  vintage flicks, past gigs. Each week we’ll be diggin’ in the crates to best you the best throwback shizzle on offer. Enjoy!

For as long as hip hop’s been a music genre, its also been a fashion movement. With a history spanning more than 40 years, and its origins in djing, graffiti and b-boying, it’s continued to be at the forefront of what’s trendy in society – and fashion’s played a big part in that. From the garish garms of the Furious Five,  to Wu- Wear, to NWA’s famous all black look, the music’s shaped many a catwalk, and come to define to a style long adopted by teens all over the world.

Last September we gave you 11 Hip Hop Cliques That Changed The Fashion Game. Today’s blast from the past is a cover shoot of  Guru in a brightly Pelle Pelle leather jacket:  a look popular among artists including Grandmaster Flash,  Fat Joe, Ludacris, and, more recently, Mario.

Pelle Pelle is an urban fashion brand from designer Marc Buchanan. First launched in 1978, it began as a leather outwear company, and has since grown to include sports wear and women’s handbags. Pelle Pelle leather jackets were all the rage in 90’s. Back then, rappers would “Put one in your belly, leave you smelly, then take your Pelle Pelle”, as Big L once comically remarked on MVP.

Guru rocked the very same  jacket in this video for his song, Lifesaver. Give it a watch below:

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