One to Watch: Yet more Finesse from the Lord with The SP1200 Project: 12-Bit

By Anton Constantinou 

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The revered “Funky Technician” , Lord Finesse is back in effect with The SP1200 Project: 12-Bit EP: the latest instalment in a series of instrumental lead albums, which sees Finesse re-hashing previously unreleased material in new, exciting form

Due for vinyl release on June 9th, it promises even more of that signature sound we all know and love: snappy drums, jazzy riffs, and those all important sleigh bell samples.

In its first run, The SP1200 Project: Deluxe Edition album, released only last year, Finesse combined three Lp’s (A Re-Awakening, DAT Signature Sound and E-mu EP) for a meaty, double disk, 25 track collection of beats transferred and sequenced using SP1200 and Akai S950 samplers. With joints like ‘Street Theme’, ‘Gothic Thoughts’ and ‘Skyline Soul’, it takes us from the corner to the crypt, the studio to the heavens.

Prior to this release, Finesse had all but disappeared from the game, were it not 2012’s brief return to form, Funky Man: The Prequel, Back in the 90’s though, he was most of the respected cats in the game- both for his rapping and production work. Among his many achievements, he founded D.I.T.C, put Big L on the map and delivered some of the tightest punch lines of the decade.

We’ve been fortunate enough to catch a sneak peak of his forthcoming release and boy does it sound good! It boats 6 new tracks, comes in limited edition vinyl form and can be pre- ordered now online. Those too eager to wait can access the tracks digitally on newly expanded re-release album The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakenin- currently available on itunes. This isn’t one to miss!

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