NXT: Who Will Be The Future Face Of WWE?

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It’s NXT month for Talk Wrestling World and so I’m back today with the next post in the series. I will leave links to the previous articles at the end of this one. Today we’re taking a look at the NXT stars likely to be the new face of the WWE, you can let me know who you think will be the new face by leaving a comment bellow or tweeting me at @TezangiVictoria.

Over the years the WWE has always had a face of the company. In every era there has been one man to step up to the plate and be named by the company as the top man. Sometime’s it’s clear sometimes is not so clear, sometimes the WWE get it wrong and sometimes if not most of the time the fans have their own superstar’s they deem as the face. Names such as John Cena, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Randy Orton, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Daniel Bryan spring to mind when on the topic of faces of the WWE. But with NXT taking over the world and new talent hinting a promising future for the company, it’s time to start taking a look at who is likely to be the future top dog in one of sports entertainments biggest companies.

But what does it take to rise to the top and be the one that the business relies on? Over the year’s it has been proven that the WWE and the fans have different ideas when it come’s to this topic. It’s clear the type of image Vince and the rest of the authority like to be seen as the top guy, tall, tanned, good looking with sex appeal and muscular to say the least, with muscular being an understatement. All you have to do is once again look at history, superstars such as John Cena, Orton and Triple H tick those boxes.

However this year things took a change, when Bryan rose to the top. The fans have grown to love him and admire him more than anyone else in the company and he quickly became not only a fan favourite but the new face of the WWE in the fans perspective. A lot of this came down to the fact that Bryan portrays a normal person that both young and older fans look up to and admire. His in ring style was different from Cena and Orton and the same is said for he’s appearance. Daniel’s surprise run at the top of the roster has given a lot of the future stars a chance to be in the limelight too and challenge the now older image of what it take’s to be the face.

NXT Triple H

So who will be the one that in five years time we’re calling the carrier of the WWE? Let’s take a look at the current NXT roster and the stars yet to make a television appearance who are more than likely going to be in the running as the headliner.

First up Sami Zayn. I’m a huge fan of Zayn alongside a lot of other people in the WWE universe. Over the years Zayn has developed a strong fan base from his independent days and of course in the WWE. He has a connection with the fans that a lot of superstars struggle to develop. What I love most about Zayn is hiss genuine love and passion for professional wrestling. Every time he is in the middle of a ring you can just see how much he loves what he is doing and it come’s across really well. He make’s the perfect babyface and as I said before connects so so well with all the fans, from the younger end of the fan base to the older end.

Zayn’s skills in the ring are insane and he never stops amazing audiences. He shows us something different every single time he wrestles and in every match there’s a passion and drive that you don’t see with any other superstars not only in the WWE but in pro wrestling altogether. He is guaranteed to be a huge hit once he reaches the main roster. So far in NXT he has done so much and been apart of some pretty awesome feuds. Does the former El Generico have what it takes to be the face of the WWE? Where he may lack in sex appeal and muscle, hiss skill and connection with the fans will get him very very far and even to the summit.`

Next up is Adrian Neville. Neville is a star plain and simple, he ticks every single box in what make’s a perfect pro wrestler. For some reason he’s always reminded me of Bryan but I have no idea why.  Just like Zayn he has that passion that shows through every time he’s in the ring. His skill and experience is mind blowing and he has that something that you just can’t teach. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be one of the biggest stars in the WWE once he gets the call up. He lacks some mic skills which comes down a lot to his accent which isn’t his fault and his height works against him a little. There is also WWE’s history with high flyers whch makes me doubt he’s chances of one day being the face of the company. However he has an interesting look, he’s very muscular for someone of his height and he has skill like no other on the roster.

There’s also the newer guys on the block, Prince Devitt, Kenta and Kevin Steen. I’m sure all of you have already heard of these three superstars, because well let’s face it what wrestling fan doesn’t know who these three men are!? I know a lot about all three of these guys and will be doing a get to know on them all so make sure you keep an eye out for the link to that. Now there is no doubt in my mind that all three of these guys one day will all be considered the top dog and any one of them could and will easily be the face of the WWE. They all have what it takes; experience, passion, a strong connection with the fans, insane wrestling ability, an interesting look, character and in Devitt’s case the sex appeal. With fan’s already going crazy about their signings it’s clear these guys will take the main roster by storm!

So that’s just some of the NXT superstars I think have the potential to be the new face of the WWE  but what do you think? Who do think will be the new face of the WWE? Let me know by leaving a comment below or tweeting me at @TezangiVictoria.

Remember to check out the rest of NXT Month at www.talkwrestlingworld.blogspot.co.uk


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