Not Quite Tough Enough…The Briefcase Speaks

By Chirag Upadhyay

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Tough Enough should be renamed to ‘Not quite Tough Enough.’ Yes, WWE’s, previous flagship failure is back exclusively on the Network. And it will be work. Hard work to watch

Hulk Hogan will be judging future failures on how to deliver repetitive promo. Daniel Bryan will be judging the failures on how to deliver suicide dives without career suicide. And Paige, the final judge, will be given 30 seconds per show to tease lesbianism.

Why does The Briefcase pre-empt failures…

Because winners of the previous ‘Not Close To Being Tough Enough’ incarnations include Maven, Linda Miles, Daniel Puder and Andy Leavine.

Household names, no?

A few have managed to escape the gutter of Tough Enough and propel themselves to superstar levels. Jon Morrison. Ryback. The Miz. Essentially accidents. The mistakes that came good. Then went off again. Some to Lucha Underground and others to their true niche in the WWE ecosystem, the mid-card.

What can we expect from this series? Stars, perhaps not. Flops, definitely. A mid-card comedy act, for sure.


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