Who Will Take The Reigns Following Night Of Champions?

Night of Champions
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As we all know, Roman Reigns will miss Night of Champions following hernia surgery that WWE physicians state usually mean 4-12 weeks of rest time.

The whole WWE product had been built around the powerhouse over the last few months ever since his split from The Shield and it has been heavily reported that he will be the next headliner at WrestleMania.

With this key figure out, who will step up to the plate as the next young gun to steal the spotlight? In the past we’ve seen the likes of The Rock and Triple H steal the show when Stone Cold Steve Austin got run over by Rikishi (Kayfabe)/needed neck surgery (Legit), we take a look at who can benefit from this unfortunate injury.

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose

Ambrose┬áis a natural fit into Reigns’ storylines with “The Lunatic Fringe” battling with The Authority, especially Seth Rollins over the summer. The former US Champion is also one of the most beloved superstars on the roster, his name is mentioned everywhere online and he gets main event reactions despite his former partner Reigns receiving the bigger push from officials. Could Ambrose actually receive the elevation that we all know he deserves? We hope so!

Seth Rollins

seth rollins uso

The Authority man has taken his heel role with ease and has run with it, much to the surprise of many who have seen him excel as a face for most of career in the independent scene. Rollins will shine if given main stage, whether he’s a heel or face and as the Money in the Bank briefcase holder, he’s definitely one of the next in line for a WWE Championship rivalry.

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt with Dean Ambrose

“The Eater of the Worlds” sent shivers┬áinto the audience’s spine for the whole year with his breathtaking promos and bizarre ring style. Wyatt was the most over persona in the entire roster but his momentum hasn’t been the same since coming on the back of his drawn out rivalry with John Cena. With Reigns out of the picture, a free slot has opened up for another young heavyweight to be focused on.



The “Swiss Superman” has had somewhat of a yo-yo career since joining the roster in 2012. One minute he’s contending in the uppercard, then he’s lost with no rivalry as US Champion, he then gets deemed boring by Vince McMahon and is dropped to NXT before becoming the next big thing as a Paul Heyman guy fighting in the main event. Now Cesaro is stuck in limbo again in the midcard as a jobber for faces with upcoming title matches. It has been reported that Cesaro was due a major main event push this year but had been held off until Reigns reached his potential, perhaps his ascension will come sooner than expected!

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