NEW ALBUM: Lofty Goals by Locksmith

By Anton Constantinou

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Lofty Goals is the latest album drop from Bay Area Rapper, Locksmith, and boy is it a tight one!

Out today, it fuses braggadocio talk with uninhibited soul searching, making for  ballsy as well as sentimental listening. As the name suggests, this is an album about accomplishing big objectives: becoming successful, finding the right woman (and meeting her demands) and living up to the expectations that our parents set for us, to name a few.

Demonstrating his versatility, Locksmith approaches these topics with a variety of rhyme schemes. On Blinded for example he opts for a double time structure: upping the pace to express urgency in his want to achieve his dreams. On The Love meanwhile, he adopts a spoken word style: layering off centered rhymes over a minimal beat to come off literary and poetic. Switching it up further, he even tries his hand  at monorhyming.

Those who thought Locksmith is new to the new game, think again. This lyrical beast shot to fame by winning an MTV MC Freestyle Championship. Rising from the underground, he dropped several mixtapes before eventually making commercial headway  with,  A Thousand Cuts (2014) .  He’s toured with the likes of Jo Budden and R.A  The Rugged Man, not to mention collaborating with Hopsin. In short, he’s big business in the hip hop community.

On Lofty Goals there’s support from the likes Jarren Benton, Futuristic and Marc E. Bassy, as well as production from Nic Nac (Chris Brown Loyal). Sound wise it’s a mixture of hip hop and trip hop: ambient breakbeats meets lyrical virtuosity. While commercial sounding at times, this album is a must have for any true hip hop purist.  Download it now on i tunes! To wet your appetite we’ve included below the music video for Blinded. Peace!



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