NEW ALBUM: Hopsin, Pound Syndrome

By Anton Constantinou

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He’s the white-eyed ball of energy who critics have labelled the next Eminem, but as true fans will tell you, Hopsin is more than just a shady rip-off. From making tracks on Fruity Loops, to starting up his own  record label, to battling some of the biggest cats in the game,  he’s earned a place as one of the tightest lyricists of the modern day. With 3 studio albums to his name already, he’s set to add  another later this month with the hugely anticipated , Pound Syndrome.

For all the speculation around its release though, the bulk of the album still remains a best kept secret. To date, only three tracks have been be dropped from it: Fly, Crown Me and Ill Mind of Hopsin 7– all with videos to accompany. In Fly,  Hopsin critiques celebrity culture, and the marketing strategies used to perpetuate it; Crown Me, meanwhile, is a pacy self congratulatory tune about reveling in success and demanding further kudos. Going on his previous releases, we reckon the rest of the album will prove both diadetic and heartfelt.

The Hopsin we know and love is more than just a rapper- he’s also a Record Producer and Director. Hailing from Los Angeles, he’s dissed everyone from Drake to Fiasco, breaking the norm to find success, not only from touring and mixtapes, but  also on Youtube, with the Ill Mind saga. Ill Mind  is a series of self righteous youtube drops which lay bare Hopsin’s unashamed views on the world around him. In them, he challenges the education system; ridicules those who smoke and drink to excess; critiques street life and deplores laziness and procrastination. On Pound Syndrome’s Ill Mind of Hopsin 7, Hopsin finds fault with religion and renounces the afterlife.As loud and preachy as he is though, Hopsin is a rapper with a message. Whether banging on about girls, or reaching out to an old friend,  he remains complex and many sided, employing rich vocabulary and broad tonality. For us, he’s less a carbon copy of Slim and more cross with ‘Pac: amalgamating compound rhymes with a steadfast desire for change.

Pound Syndrome is due for launch on July 24th. Those too eager to wait can have butchers at the below music videos:

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