NEW ALBUM: Blud On The Brain by Trademark Blud

By Anton Constantinou 

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As a British platform, we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent on the UK hip hop scene.  The latest  act to grab our attention is Trademark Blud: a hard-edged Midlands- based rapper with a raw talent for rhyming about complex subject matter.

In recent years he’s proved an underground king, dropping the mixtape  Tricks of the Trade, and taking the stage at Boom Bap festival- where he played alongside the likes of Earl Sweatshirt and Jeru the Damaja. He’s also shown his worth as a battle rapper, having featured on Dont Flop  and SpitRoast Battles,  not to mention doing  freeestyle performances for  Fliplive TV , Titan TV and  Big Fingz.

With the voice of angry teenager and a flow that’s tightly structured and packed with multies , you’d be forgiven for thinking that Trademark’s a 90’s New York rapper when he talks about modern day Britain. His latest album, Blud On The Brain, is to the Midlands what Illmatic was to Brooklyn: an introspective social commentary on the problems facing inner city life.  In Tradmark’s ghetto,  impressionable 10 year olds get sucked in by big boys; women get followed through alleyways; fathers fight for justice and drug addicts are forced to face their inner demons.

Rather than glamorising the lifestyle though, Trademark urges those  involved to look in the mirror, pleading, “open your eyes , open your mind” (Things Aint What They Seem). Alternating between 1st and 3rd person narration, he approaches the said struggle from both a personal perspective and birds-eye view- sharing in the despair but also analysing it from afar. Elsewhere on the album  he showboats, hitting us with witty wordplay like, “Some clever blokes crafted the hubble telescope/ Took a snap shot of the sky smaller than envelopes” (Applied Rhyme), and, “There’s limitless vividness in my synthesis in this business is/ Capable to save or change your life just like a synergist ” (Sin-Thesis Synthesis). Supplying the beats is Chicago based producer Rediculus, who here combines heavy bass and eerie instrumental loops to compliment Trademark’s dark storytelling.

Check out the music video for our favourite song from the album, The Demon:

Further information on Trademark, including where to purchase his latest album, can be found at the following links:

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